Trying out Medium


I’ve just created my first post on Medium, and the experience is wonderful. It’s almost like what I would imagine it to be like with Ghost, although to be honest I’ve never tried the latter.

Too bad I can’t post via a smartphone. I don’t see a mobile app for it, either.

I still haven’t figured out what I would do with it compared with blogging here at I didn’t even realise that I could contribute to Medium until I saw a green notification bar on top of my computer browser today.

What’s clear is that Medium is full of insightful posts, wherein I’m not sure whether I could contribute anything at all there. The writing platform is irresistible, though. It makes me want to tell my story, whatever it is.

The former Blogger creators have done a fantastic job. I’m looking forward to Medium being enabled for mobile posting soon.

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Posted on 28 November, 2013 under Life online and tagged with