Tribute to my Tripod site, Part 2

1) Before my mobile phone conks out, I should store my favourite ringtones. In case you like them, here they are for your Nokia phone listening pleasure. (note: works on Nokia monotone mobile phones)

Harry Potter Theme (tempo: 112 BPM)
8b1 8.e2 16g2 8#f2 4e2 8b2 4.a2 4.f#2
8.e2 16g2 8#f2 4d2 8f2 2b1 8-
8b1 8.e2 16g2 8#f2 4e2 8b2 4d3 8#c3 4c3
8#g2 8.c3 16b2 8#a2 4#a1 8g2 2e2 8-
8g2 4b2 8g2 4b2 8g2 4c2 8b2 4#a2
8#f2 8.g2 16b2 8#a2 4#a1 8g2 2e2

Winter Sonata (a Korean hit drama) (tempo: 90 BPM)
4d2 4e2 8e2 8f2 8f2 4f2 8e2 8d2 8c2 4b1 8-
8b1 8c2 4d2 4e2 8f2 8e2 8f2 8e2 8d2 8c2 8b1 2a1 8-
8a1 8b1 8c2 8c2 8d2 8d2 4d2 8c2 8b1 8a1 8#g1 8-
4#g1 8a1 4b1 8- 4b1 8b1 4b1 4c2 2.a1

2) I am having a BLAST with this site: The Advertising Slogan Generator is one wicked tool. Type in any word you fancy, and it’ll generate a slogan for you (obviously). The slogans are ridiculously hilarious!

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  1. rummuser says:

    I cannot get used to the musical ring tones. I prefer the old fashioned plain rings or buzzes.

    The advertising slogan site is indeed a blast. I have bookmarked them and intend to use them. Thank you for the lead

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