Track your software usage and get a date with Wakoopa

Alright, so I kind of lied about the getting a date part, but being a social networking site, Wakoopa does get you connected with other people. But wait, there’s more.

The twist to Wakoopa is that it also keeps track of the software and sites you use, as long as you install and run its lightweight tracker as soon as your computer is on.

You might think it sounds a little lame. But just wait till you see the stats it collects, as per my Wakoopa profile:

Wakoopa software usage statistics for WebGrrrl

According to Wakoopa, “So far webgrrrl has used 157 different applications for 298 hours in total.” The stats even breaks down the type of tasks I was doing most of the time based on the software I was using. From the looks of it, here’s the 5 top tasks I’ve been doing on my computer:

  1. Surf the web
  2. Is social (it means I’m spending a lot of time on social networking sites)
  3. Word processing
  4. Present (not “exist”, but as in doing presentations)
  5. Search the web

Pretty darn scary — and accurate!

Another cool thing about Wakoopa is the ability to discover new software, sites and tools that friends in your network are using. Leo Laporte was the first person I added into my network (I actually found out about Wakoopa through his FriendFeed update and I have him to blame for my Wakoopa addiction), followed by the creators of Wakoopa. You won’t believe the myriad of software I found just by following their usage.

Enough said. Try it yourself. And remember to add me as your friend while you’re at it.

(Updated 03-Feb-2013) The Wakoopa service I described above has closed as of 23 June 2012, per this post. Sad day indeed. Software Informer looks to be a good alternative.

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