Top Commentators Widget mini update (v.1.4.2)

A quick heads-up on the latest TCW update, in line with the release of WordPress 3.1. This update also addressed the comment hijacking issue that, while wonderfully suggested and fixed by Stuff by Sarah quite a while ago (and implemented by yours truly on v.0.999a) , were not fully effective in blocking the comment spammers. Basically it’s a small rewrite of the database query, that’s all. This means that v.1.4.2 won’t affect your >=TCW 1.4 settings in any way.

Nevertheless, Top Commentators Widget v.2.0 update, to coincide with the next WordPress update (whether major or minor), will again affect your setup.

  1. The form control, i.e. what you see in the Widgets section, will be re-arranged to simplify it.
  2. Further modification on the look of your Number of Comments will be enabled.
  3. Styling of the list for CSS purposes will be improved.
  4. Addition of DIV on top of Numbered and Ordered.

I like WP 3.1. Do you?

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  1. Yes I like thenew WP 3.1, and updated your widget. No problem so far.

    This week post,

    1. araque says:

      When I plug in update the data did not appear in the call that I have posted on my blog with the following command: (and I do not use the plug-in widgets).
      Is there any way to fix that?

  2. Sourish says:

    Oh i use your plugin on my blog and i live it very much


  3. I love the plugin, works awesome!

    1. Sourish says:

      yah , kinda motivates the commentator when they see themselves on the top of the list

  4. Vlad says:

    A very good plugin, thank you.

  5. GioChiWinx says:

    Thanks for an update…
    A very good widget to put on the blog !!

  6. Vlad says:

    Ok. I will try update in my site and blog

  7. Peter says:


    The twitter link goes the same for all users, so I have all the commenters that have a link, with the same URL.

    Any word in a fix for this ?

  8. Peter says:

    The plugin takes the last commenter link and applies that to all the users that have a link.

    Can you share a fix ?

    1. Lorna says:

      Peter, do you have a URL with this problem that I can check out? Could you also give me your installation details, like WP version, PHP version, MySQL version, TC widget version and anything else you think may help?

      1. Peter says:

        Sure, please mail me and I will help you with all the information.

  9. Mike says:

    Nice Plugin!

    Is there any way to Show Top Commentators from a particular category !

    or to exclude / include categories option in the plugin

    I’ve been trying to figure this out but couldn’t !
    Can you guide/help me

  10. Sourish says:

    this plugin helped me a lot to motivate my readers in a Q&A Forum

  11. Hi Lorna,

    I think there’s a bug in the “(Hijack-proof?) Group commentors based on”-setting. I have it set to group based on e-mail. Still, a guy appears in the top commentators list with 5 comments and a link to his site, even though that e-mail address (and website) only has 1 comment on my blog in the time frame (30 days).

    There’s another guy with the same name who regular comments also, so it seems it’s mixing them up and not grouping by e-mail.

    If I set it to group by “user name” I’m getting a different result, but seems not to be the correct result either.

    1. I forgot to tick “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” … done πŸ™‚

  12. Peter says:

    Any word on a fix to the same URL for all users ?

  13. This been great. have tried it before. Hope to read post more.

  14. Sourish says:

    just upgraded , looks good and compatible with other plugins

  15. I have the same problem of Peter, in particular with the users subscribed with Facebook Widget. I downloaded 1.4.1 beta and the problem is solved. I hope this can help you.


  16. Kevin Kimes says:

    I’m having trouble removing myself from the list. I’ve tried adding my username (admin), my first name, my last name, my first and last name (which is the nickname displayed), and it won’t get rid of me from the list.

    The URL listed for this post is the site in question.

    Previously I was able to make myself “go away”, by using admin, first name and first & last name, all at the same time in the exclude box. This suddenly stopped working after I posted another comment.

    Anybody know of alternatives to this plugin?

  17. flash game says:

    thanks for the works quiet good.

  18. Susan says:

    I knew there where problems on the blogs I post at. Glad this has been fixed, love this widget.

  19. Well its interesting update to a great plugin, thanks for sharing its information here.

  20. Sourish says:

    i have not upgraded my plugin for many days

  21. Just re-activated the plugin after laying low for a few weeks. I like the way the commentator plugin gives me a lot of options. Thanks.

  22. What happened? Seems that you haven’t posted an entry for months already… πŸ™‚

  23. icata88 says:

    Hi! I want to modify this plugin to count the posts + comments for each user and to display the Top 10 users. It is possible? For example i want to count the point with following formula: for 1 postig – users are reaching 3 points and for 1 comment 1 point => A user who have 2 posts and 3 comments will have 9 point. Is possible to make someting like this? Thank you very much

  24. Lorna says:

    This widget only accommodates counting of comments. I’m sure that combining it and post count can be done, but extending this widget to do so will need substantial work.

  25. Cool plugin, just put it on one of my blogs and hope it makes my site look better in other people’s eyes because it looks good for me.

  26. Susan says:

    IT’s weird but I received less spam this year. It absolutely amazes me. I am wondering if the TC widget actually got some better spam protection

  27. Hi Lorna, is the Top Commentators Widget compatible with WordPress 3.3.1?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  28. I have the same issue of Chris, in particular with the customers bought with Myspace Gadget. I downloadable 1.4.1 try out and the issue is settled. I wish this can help you.

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