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Your plugin hosting request has been aproved.

Within one hour, you will have access to your SVN repository at

with your username and password (the one you use on the

To get started, look at our Using Subversion page:

We’ve also addressed some common questions:


I’ve been waiting almost 2 months before I received this in my mailbox. If you think that my cyberlife is gonna get way more glamorous after this, you’re dead wrong — I figured I would have to take a week at the soonest to get the repository properly set up and documented. Let’s hope it’s sooner, so that it’ll get more exposure, and more debuggers for that matter πŸ˜€

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Posted on 18 June, 2007 under Discovering WordPress, Life online


  1. kaSyah says:

    Congratulation! Finally u made it πŸ˜€

    1. Lorna says:

      kaSyah, do you have to use Won Bin’s pic as your MyBlogLog avatar?? It’s too irresistable lah! :))

      1. kaSyah says:

        hoho. u like won bin? me too but my avatar is takuya kimura. Irressistable…yeah..huhu πŸ˜€

        ps-likes your plugin to edit comment.

        1. Lorna says:

          They look so similar. As for the Edit Comment plugin, I have to thank RT Cunningham for the idea, and Ronald for the plugin itself — check out my WordPress Plugins I Use page for the link to download.

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