Tirai Akademi Fantasia 5, hm?

Tirai Akademi Fantasia splash There wasn’t really anything exciting to see in Tirai Akademi Fantasia apart from the usual student introductories. Here are my thoughts so far:

  • Overall, I was a little surprised initially that AF planned to televise the same time as American Idol. But just as I suspected, AF 5 will run an extra month, thus allowing AF a week or more after Idol ends. Also, from this I predict that there’ll be one round where 2-people elimination will take place.
  • The pranks where lame, apart from Ebi’s mildly interesting pocong scare. Surprising Noni and Candy at Center Point (on separate occasions of course), and a fake robbery at Farha’s house, made me go “nyeh”.
  • Make-up does wonders to a person. Without one, Candy looks just like any other sumandaks, and Noni doesn’t look like Syafinaz at all, although she’s still very pretty. Farha is one photogenic guy (which means he’s not as cute as you expect), and Ebi actually looked less intimidating than his photos; his photos made him look like a samseng (gangster), if you ask me.
  • Amongst the four Sabahans, only Candy gave us a preview of her vocal ability (Noni was MIA — where was she?). My verdict: decent vocal range, and has a teensy-weensy husky voice which I think will sound great on stage.
  • When Roslan Aziz was selecting students with looks and talents, he wasn’t kidding (Aizad is the exception). I like Roslan as this season’s Principle, but I hope he won’t do anything like the rubbish he usually does in Malaysian Idol (sorry, I don’t have much love for MI at all).
  • Oh-oh! Dekna — a Mas AF2 lookalike! Hope she’s not as talented as Mas is, and I mean it in a good way.
  • My major gripe with this season’s AF is the return of Cikgu Syafi. She did NOTHING AT ALL to improve the vocals of AF4 students, and I’ve always considered her as the weakest of all teachers ever selected in AF.
  • Thank God Adnan Abu Hassan is back! Guaranteed sweet music for us in the finals, lucky students.
  • They finally hired a permanent fashion consultant. Let’s hope Jasmin Rejab heed KlubbKid’s advice and not create another Sesame Street look-alike.
  • Combining the usual 12p and 8p Diari updates to one 1-hour Diari at 9p is a smart move. I really hated to stay up for the 11pm replay just for the sake of catching up the day edition of the Diari, so I usually ended up missing those.
  • A Thursday debate, at 10-11pm?? What’s that??
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  1. for me, akademi fantasia 5 is not just a talent competition, it’s more than that.

  2. zan says:

    i luve af

  3. jo says:

    mencari seorg bkt nyayian sharusnya bkn bergantung pada wajah atau lirikan tubuh tetapi pada suaranya yang merdu.ex mawi……..and tegurlh seorg sbg satu teguran bukan sebagia sindiran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?cari lah org yang btl bleh mbri teguran………dan bukanye kritiiitiiiiiiiiiikan,…………

    1. Lorna says:

      Terase ke? 😀

  4. baby girl says:

    RIZAL and EBI is the best…walaupun sy dr sabah tapi saya minat kat rizal coz suara dia top sangat..VOTE FOR EBI AND RIZAL…….SIK CAYAK KITAK TEK KAH…TRADMARK rizal lah tu

  5. abby says:

    rizal arap jadi juara bah…………………………………tradmark RIZAL CAYUUUUUKKKKKK……ORANG KITA………

  6. albee says:

    helo af 5….welcome back…i lov af so much…in af 5,i like ebi lar…hehehe…do the best ebi….

  7. nadzirah says:

    saya minat rizal….si cayakkah…(^_^) tapi saya nak tahu mcm mana nak hantar surat kat budak2 af ni ar?sy nak hantar surat kat rizal….tp xtahu macam mana.:( klu sesape tahu mcm mane bgtau sy kat email sy k..choc_maniac90@yahoo.com (please…..i need to know it as soon as possible)

  8. nadzirah says:

    hai..saya peminat rizal…si cayakkah..(^_^)tp sy nak tahu macam mana nak hantar surat kat pelajar-pelajar af5 ni ar?saya nak hantar surat kat rizal…tapi xtahu macam mana..:( so,kalau ssape tahu mcm mana please bgtau saya melalui email saya k…choc_maniac90@yahoo.com (please i need to know it as soon as possible)

  9. nadzirah says:

    saya minat rizal….si cayakkah(^_^)tp sy nak tahu macam mana nak hantar surat kat pelajar af5 ni..sy nak hantar surat kat rizal…klu sesape tahu please bgtau sy melalui email sy k..choc_maniac90@yahoo.com (please i need to know it as soon as possible)

  10. mztakara says:

    assalamualaikum hy saya ana dari brunei..tolong bantu saya macam mana nak masuk emel kat af5 ne?saya minat sangat kat aswad..bantu saya….tolong emel kepada saya mztakara@yahoo.com
    sayang aswad!

  11. oLa says:

    ello..sy suke gile kat shawal.kalo de sumthing yg leh sy gune utk contact die, bagi je kat saye ek?? minat gile kat die. luv u shawal muahmuah..

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