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ProSense Grey Snapshot (WP Theme) I only recently found the need to use sticky posts in a couple of my WordPress niche blogs. Sticky posts are basically blog posts that remain prominently displayed in the main page of your site, and won’t get bumped even as you post up new articles or posts into your blog.

Although this is a permanent feature made available in WordPress 2.7 and later, you also have to realize that you need a sticky-friendly theme to go with it in order to make them work. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Many of the popular WordPress themes out there aren’t, in fact, sticky-friendly. Such is the nature of one of my favourite WordPress AdSense templates called ProSense, a design made famous by Dosh Dosh.

But fret not. It’s actually quite simple to modify your choice WordPress theme to make stickies work, as long as you’re comfortable doing a little bit of HTML/CSS editing or are familiar with the Theme Editor section of your WordPress blog dashboard. Quick Online Tips has a short and sweet step-by-step on how you can DIY, while Nathan Rice delved deeper into the innards of sticky posts, if you’re into those sort of thing.

Are you using ProSense, and would like to get the sticky-friendly version of it? Yeah, I have it. Just click any of the following links to download it: ProSense (original brown color), Prosense Blue, ProSense Grey.

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  1. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi, very interesting. Guess I’ll check this out.
    You must have black belt in computers I can see, ha ha.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. Ostrovok says:

    Thanks for the template

  3. k?l dönmesi says:

    Good info. Ive always wanted this on my blog too but couldnt figure it out. Thanks to google now i did

  4. Mehboob says:

    Coool, Nice work WEll done…..

  5. Hi, very interesting. Guess I’ll check this out. ;))

  6. Thanks for online tips.

  7. rosario says:

    Thanks the template is very interesting 🙂

  8. Nat says:

    Great template! I’m going to use it on my next news web-site 🙂

  9. Phil Jensen says:

    I’ve also found it to be quite useful, however I don’t like how the Twenty-ten them changes the background of the sticky post.


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