Spark for network

Despite it being a paid post, I am exactly in the same wavelength as Serial on using SocialSpark to connect with your blog visitors (link removed, website no longer exists) and increase your web site traffic.

I did blog about my recent attempt to use the Spark ad feature as part of my back linking strategy. What I haven’t mentioned (no thanks to my Internet connection) is that my advertisement was yanked a few days ago by IZEA for violating its terms of service. Specifically, I requested that there is no use of NoFollow on the link back from the reviewers’ blogs to mine, and removing NoFollow is a big NoNo for SocialSpark. For what it’s worth, responses for that short two days since I put up my Spark (after changing the title a bit by promoting my PR) was quite encouraging.

I’m thinking of making the IBlogUBack challenge a permanent one, as soon as I can find the time to put up a page on it. Will keep everyone posted.

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Posted on 13 July, 2008 under Life online and tagged with , , , ,