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It’s funny how stress, tiredness and boredom can slowly creep into the normalcy of your life and make you think it’s alright. Sure, everyone experience stress, tiredness and boredom, but it doesn’t have to be a normal part of your life and it shouldn’t last as long as it should have (by your own definition, what may you).

I realized that I’m doing this to myself, letting all these unwanted pressures seeping into my daily routine, whilst telling myself that it’s okay, it’s normal.

Well, it’s not. And it’s slowly draining me and taking me off from the person I truly am and can be.

So I’m scaling down, slowly, the best I know how. Accepting that I can’t do everything everyone thought I could do (which I swear I really can, but there’s just one of me, you know).

And, most importantly, not giving myself any more chance to give excuses for what I did – and didn’t – do.

With that self-introspection out in the way, I have chosen to technically “let go” of until I can find a real need for it. Right now, it’s been let go into Tumblr to serve whatever purpose it was suppose to serve there. Which is nothing, really.

Under a self-hosted WordPress installation, I was unable to keep up with the updates. would be too simplistic. Blogger / Blogspot would be too… bleh.

Tumblr is fun. It’s simple. And these two features are something that I could relate to, and hope to have in my life starting now. These past couple of months have been amazing, and I’m looking forward to maintain those same level of energy over the months to come.

A burnout is such a blessing in disguise.

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Posted on 24 April, 2012 under Life in reality