Payday advances to cut off debt

Once I was holding a credit card which, after a while, I have decided to cancel because I was not satisfied with the services and fees I have to endure. However, I still have a substantial credit balance to deal with. Luckily, I saw a web site advertising its cash advances and payday loans service, and I immediately applied and utilized my loan to pay off my credit balance. The best thing about it is that the interest I have to pay on my payday loan is much lower than the credit card I paid off, so that’s a big plus.

There is this one web site called, which reviews and lists out the different financial institutions that provide cash advances and payday loans to every level of person, financial backgrounds, and so on. Not only will the site review each of the service for you, you can also provide your own feedback on the services once you have experienced them. That is a good option to have so that you can also help other people using the to decide the best financial assistance and that all the services offered are as promised in their web sites. So far I have seen only five cash advance services sites being reviewed, but I’m sure the list will grow as more reliable cash advance services are found.

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Posted on 2 February, 2008 under Elsewhere