Paid posts are out of my life

I’ve tried to quit paid postings for quite some time now. However, I realized that paid-to-posts are a blogger’s answer to quick money, and the temptation to fund my sudden shopping splurges get the best of me at times. So, I succumbed to several paid posts, which I would receive by the end of the week and nicely be more enough for me to have my lunches at fancy restaurants for a week or two.

paid posts are out of my lifeAfter going through my other online income sources for last month, I finally decided to put my foot down and stop paid posting programs for good. It’s a liberating decision, because finally I don’t have to work so hard to earn money online. My sudden repulsion to go online while I’m pregnant certainly wouldn’t help if I rely solely on paid posts.

Of all my online earnings, paid to post programs are the only online revenue streams that constantly need my effort and time. The rest are all passive income. I’m so glad that AdSense, Chitika and TextLinkAds are working out for me; these programs have really spoilt me. I love passive income!

I’m glad I’m so good at organizing my posts with paid links, so cleaning out those pages were easy peasy. So, don’t expect to see anymore of my paid posts here.

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  1. rosario says:

    Thank you for writing important information 🙂

  2. Margaret says:

    thank you lorna….really wanted to learn smart like you!

  3. Great thing that you have decided to quit it. It will harm your “PR” on G. Well, I think the most important thing you should understand in this venture is spending wisely of what you have earned. Sometimes we think of earning so much and then overspend later.

  4. Yes, agreed. Passive income aka residual income is far easier to live with. You set it up once then cruise through more relaxed with recurring payments arriving. Way to go I say! Geoff D.

  5. Thank you for writing important information ;))

  6. Paid blogging is ok as long as you provide your readers with value and not trying to promote something just for the sake of the money. You might be missing a good chunk of revenue generated by paid links and contextual advertising because a lot of people have AdBlocking plugins that completely remove AdSense, Chitika and TextLinkAds etc. Just AdBlock Plus alone used by 123 million people.


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