Oi Malaysians! I’m fed up with all this!

I’m sorry, but I don’t see why people should be excited about Anwar winning.

Here’s my personal take on why I’m not so fond of him in politics. Look, what did he do when he knew he was gonna get caught by the police for his sodomy charges? He hides at one of his international friends’ house. Because of him, people from outside the country want to interfere with our politics. Do you Malaysians really want that to happen? Why not get help from his opposition friends in DAP or PAS? Or is Pakatan just a sham?

People don’t realize what he was planning on doing during the 1998 economic slowdown. He was going to agree with IMF on taking the World Bank’s loan to “improve” our economic well-being. Does taking a loan and getting into debt going to help? LOGIC! I say thank God for Mahathir! And Anwar swears on an economic reform? Is he going to get more of his international friends to help? You really want foreigners to take over the country? What’s the point of “Merdeka” when after 51 years we can’t handle our own economy?

You really think that Anwar, or any other politicians in this country can curb our inflation? Face it, Malaysians, inflation is happening around the globe, not just in Malaysia. Stop being so manja with our gas and rice subsidies, because relying on these will only take our country into the brink of a third world country. If you learn economics, you will know this.

Complaints, complaints, complaints! What we need is a creative and proactive solution to our problems, starting with gas and rice. With gas, we can actually switch to natural liquefied gas (NLG), hybrid cars or even palm oil (really, did you hear any hooplah about NLG increasing in price together with its petroleum conterpart? NO.). With rice, we should be investing in educating the paddy farmers to yield at least 3 to 4 times a year — we have the technology and Thailand’s doing it. Or better yet, look at our economic efficiencies, by increasing export of what we’re good at (currently electronics), and then importing the rice from our neighboring countries Thailand and Indonesia. Why not? We prosper together. Singapore don’t have paddy fields, and yet they have food to eat. Or, people can change their mindsets — eat noodles!

And stop humiliating our politicians and our country by calling them names (Bod-awi… hey, see if you like your father’s name being called like that!) or flying our flags upside down (how idiotic is that? Don’t live in Malaysia lah like that!). This just adds to the proof that Malaysians are a bunch of whiners!

OK, Malaysians? It’s Merdeka month, so let’s free our old mindset and change starting now. Instead of whining, let’s actively and productively discuss and TAKE ACTION on how our lifestyles can fit the conditions we are now in. We are somewhat like how we were during World War II, when everyone had to change their lifestyle, eat tapioca, strapped up their expenses, etc. Granted, we’re not in a war, but nevertheless our economic conditions warrants something serious to be done. Changing politicians may not solve our crisis. Except if our politician is like Lim Guan Eng. Lucky Penangites! He’s the only one making a difference by running its state government lean and mean like a well-oiled business, so if you ever want a Prime Minister, get him to be one!

I so want to vent my anger and rant about this for a long time, but I didn’t want my site ranks to go down in the SERPs for non-IT posts! 😛

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Posted on 27 August, 2008 under Life in reality


  1. massy says:

    I think this is the current main topic. As for me, I’m one of those who doesn’t want to know or bother to know anything about politics. Sorry, but I somehow got a feeling that some things are just gonna roll back again =_=”

  2. eshark says:

    Err.. no comment on this one!!

    but I’m still typing some comment here.. LOL

  3. rilekss... says:


    rileks bah…jgn serius2…siapa2 pun yg memerintah sama juga…ada pro and contra….tp maybe skarang org mau cuba try test tukar skjap…sbb skrg baru satu ja yg try…kasi try la org baru kali pigang…kan…

    klu urg baru pun suda try…tp masih nda best, pandai la drg undi balik tukar yg org lama….

    hehe…rilek jaa kita..tgk ja …nda payah risau2 pasal semua tu…

  4. papajoneh says:

    i’m with eshark the no comment but still typing.. but im with you all the way about flying the M’sian flag upside down.. dont leave in Malaysia then. Apalah…
    And Penangites (sounds like pengait pulak hehehe) so lucky to have Datuk Lim Guan Eng. I so respect tht person. So humble.

  5. ben says:

    Here here [thumps table]…

  6. Jewelle says:

    He has been through a lot but I do remember that when he was in power, I was not keen on him too, religion wise, you remember those time?

    So can’t say whether him back in parliament is a good or bad thing. And like you I agree, no one single person can perform miracle, everyone has to do something about it too.

    But anyway, let’s hope that whatever else he might represent, this is a start to something that will better for all.

    1. Lorna says:

      I didn’t want to mention that, but since you brought it up…

      I recently saw a Malaysia Kini article that made me balked, by someone who noted that in the 1990s Anwar’s “Islamic project was infused with universal values.” What I remembered correctly, he was an extremist at best, and you know what Dr. Gregory House always say — “People don’t change.”

      I worry about this Anwar resurgence. Religious freedom may be even worse off if he’s in power. I dread this more than the hold on freedom of speech.

  7. luz says:

    I agree. You got a point there.

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