Offline feed readers — FeedDemon is OK so far

FeedDemon logoDue to my frustration with Google Reader these past several days, I’ve decided to use an offline feed reader. After browsing and reading the several blogs on recommended offline readers, I decided to download FeedDemon.

I haven’t gone into its nooks and cranies, but so far I find it to be a decent reader and have just enough options to get me back into feed reading. I like the fact that it looks very uncluttered, can be synchronized with NewsGator, and has a simple registration process. Too bad it can only import subscription settings from a limited amount of blog feed readers like BlogLines.

I still plan on using Google Reader though, as one thing I’m not fond of with offline feed readers are resource-hungry and not very portable, something that FeedDemon claims it isn’t. I’ll give both of these readers a compare before I decide to stick to just one.

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Posted on 26 May, 2008 under Life online

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  1. Nicole Price says:

    No way we can ever stop using google! Too bad but, that is life!

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