No more ignorant about insurance

It’s amazing what kind of information the Internet can expose about us, particularly now that social network applications are so accessible and popular amongst us.

I’m sure one has the right to tweet everyone in the world where he or she is at the moment, but are these people aware of how dangerous it is?
I also began to understand the importance of choosing a car insurance quote based on whether it is accepted by most of the auto workshops around my area. When I was involved in a car accident once, I was lucky that the auto repair shop was able to help me with each and every paper work I would otherwise have to deal with, because the body shop actually supports quick insurance claim processing for the particular insurance I was using. I didn’t even have to go to the police station to formally do my report for my insurance claim — it was all done by the body shop. Needless to say I was thrilled and relieved beyond measure.

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Posted on 5 March, 2008 under Elsewhere