Next time, don’t spam the comments

Yeah, just because my Google pagerank is 4 (which may be measly to a few, but not too bad to many people), doesn’t mean that this is a perfect place for you to spam on my blog comments. And you’re not being smart, either, if you think that gaming the Top Commentators Widget and getting your name listed there will guarantee you link love from Google.

I seriously have no love for any of you doing those.

Doge Piss

I recently got a request for link removal by a jewellery company that practiced comment spamming. They did it years ago, 6 years, to be precise. And now that their URL have been penalised by Google, they’re begging all the blog owners, including yours truly, to remove their web site links from the comments.

Like I care.

I’m tired of spending years of cleaning spam comments that Akismet couldn’t detect (although Akismet is now multitudes better than what it was before). Compliment spammers are the worst. They’ll agree with whatever you say, so long as their keywords or company names are linked to their websites. It makes me want to slap them in their virtual faces, and then make it look like I’m the bad guy(girl).

You spam, you pay.

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