My Top Commentators Widget: Quick & Dirty (not anymore)

(23-May-2018) Compatible with WordPress v.4.9.6. Download Top Commentators Widget from the WordPress Plugins Directory. Refer to the README file on how to customise this widget. View this plugin in action at my demo site. Jump to my changelog.

Post all bug reports and support requests to the’s Top Commentators Widget Support forum.

(the original ramblings created on 08-Feb-2007 follows)

Holy Molly, I never thought I’d make one so soon, but it’s true! I’ve created my very first WordPress Widget!

Yeah, well, not exactly. I adapted this Top Commentators Widget from the actual Show Top Commentators (hereto known as STC) plugin by PFA. Here’s actually what happened:

  1. Went to Giuk.Net as usual, saw MrBadak talking about his newly installed plugins, and I hopped by.
  2. Excitedly surfed into Personal Financial Advice to download the STC plugin.
  3. Followed the instructions to the dot, only to find out later that it won’t work if you have Sidebar Widgets activated.
  4. Googled for a widgetized version of STC, only to find that the download links don’t work.
  5. Desperately needed to install it, so I did the next best thing a desperate grrrl would do — build one.
  6. Accidentally sacrificed a few other widgets due to carelessness, but nevermind as I always back-up.
  7. Destabilized my site with countless access error messages and loads of SQL warnings.
  8. Trying so hard to stay true to the original codes, only to surrender at the last minute and decided to strip down most of the original codes off, therefore FINALLY COMPLETING MY MISSION!

But wait….

Crapazoola. After more googling, I found out that the STC plugin does run on widgets, if you installed the executable PHP for Text widgets first.

My ego is effectively squashed by this new-found knowledge. It took me an embarrassing 8 hours just to get this heck of a plugin to work as a Widget, which goes to show how badly I need to polish up on my PHP.

You may happily use this full-fledged Widget by downloading here:

Download the latest Top Commentators Widget

Please refer to the Installation section of the plugin page for details on how to use TCW. Send in your bug reports in the Support Forum, too.


Sure, if you want to, though it’s not necessary. Just PayPal any amount to me at “webgrrrl”.”net” (remember to remove the quotes).

Wishlist (or stuff people would like this widget to do)

  1. Create a “footer” so that you can add description at the end of the list.
  2. Multi-award system.


Older changelogs are moved out of the README file to this page for easier translation.

= v.1.5.2 =

  1. Fixed Gravatar’s image request URL.

= v.1.5.1 =

  1. Bugfix for 1.5 due to not displaying a list at all.
  2. Repositioned add_action() hook.
  3. Rectified commentator grouping by e-mail or by names.
  4. Added an option to list out commentators with a minimum required number of comments before being displayed.

= v.1.5 =

  1. Added Default Blue, Retro, and Blank to the Gravatar icon options.
  2. Optimized the query for “Exclude these users” option (presumably could lower database/memory load?).
  3. Edited the query for commentators’ URL (presumably could solve the “same URL for all users” problem that I tried hard to replicate but couldn’t?).

= v.1.4.2 =

  1. Further improved query against URL hijacking (searching based on e-mail instead of username).

= v.1.4.1 beta =

  1. MAJOR CODE REWRITE! This may break any customized CSS you may have on TCW.
  2. Support for multiple instances of the widget. This means that you can have TCW on as many sidebars in your blog as you want, each with its own unique settings.

= v.1.4 =

  1. Added the Award option which will display image or icon of a medal/badge once a commentator reaches a certain number of comments determined by blog owner.
  2. Modified the form to allow default values to be entered automatically when initialized (i.e. widget’s Save button is pressed).
  3. Added support for setting default Gravatars to 404, Mystery Man, Identicons, MonsterIDs or Wavatars.
  4. Repaired the query statement for filtering e-mails.

= v.1.3 =

  1. Rectified the SQL query for filtering list by hour.

= v.1.2 =

  1. Added target=_blank option which will open links in a new browser window.
  2. Added filtering based on range of dates.

= v.1.1 =

  1. Fixed the Year value error which prevented it from being highlighted when selected and saved in the widget control form. (noted by Sebastien,
  2. Added Gravatar support (thanks to the codes by Sergio Nascimento,
  3. Added Display only commentors with URLs.
  4. Fixed the bug which displays the URL of a comment marked as spam, but having the name of a valid commentor (since TCW always selects the latest URL entered by the same commentor user name).

= v.1.0 =

  1. Corrected the extra closing widget tag that appears when Show In Home Only is selected.

= v.0.999a =

  1. Re-arranged functions to avoid redeclare error in WP 2.5.
  2. Modified widget control form to repair unclickable control form.
  3. Added NoFollow option to links.
  4. Added show comment count option.
  5. Fixed the reset period (not tested extensively).
  6. Fixed the URL filtering.
  7. Include option to list users by e-mail or user names.
  8. Include option to filter users by e-mail.
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285 responses to “My Top Commentators Widget: Quick & Dirty (not anymore)”

  1. Hi, brilliant plugin that helps a blogger give a little bit back to those who take the effort to comment. Thank you very much 🙂

    Just one thing.. now that we are in a new year.. I wanted to keep all comment counts listed, as is one of your options.. however every time i select “List all” and then save – it doesn’t save.. Is there a way to fix this please? Also i can not choose x number of days in the box below.

    Thanks again 🙂

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  7. Aidan says:

    i’ve been thinking of getting this plugin for my blog. I think this is good for tracking those readers who make an effort to comment and perhaps for top commentator contests purposes for my blog in the near future.

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  12. Yen says:

    I’ve used this in my blog! Works like a charm! Thanks:-)

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  15. Great how-to.

    I am going to try to follow your steps.

    Hopefully I will be able to create a widget of my own.

    I am going to add you blog on my feed. 😀


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  17. Germz says:

    Awesome plugin! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I used another plugin before but this one is just beautiful very well done!

  18. malissa says:

    Thanks for this plugin, nice job well done.

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  20. Very useful plugin. Thanks

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  24. Joanne says:

    First, thank you for creating this plug-in. 🙂
    Everything works great except for one thing. In the settings, I chose ‘yes’ as the option for hyperlinking each name but it doesn’t link. If you want to take a look, it’s at the bottom of my left sidebar. Thanks!

    **edit** It seems to be working now. I had it set on “list all” but I changed it to “monthly” and that worked.

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  26. Jamie says:

    Fantastic add-in. Thank you for doing this and taking the time to share it with as much detail as you have.

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  28. That is great add-in, thank you for doing this.

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  31. Mohamed says:

    Hi – great plugin but for some reason I just can not edit the options in the widget. I’ve tried everything I can think of – any ideas why this would happen? Tried searching Google but no such luck…

  32. Looks very nice, Congrats on creating the widget we’ll install for our site too.


  33. This, imho is one of the best widget ever invented.

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  36. Nick says:

    Hi Lorna,
    Thanks for the cool plugin! I have a question though. How would I go about placing the list at the top of my page and not on my sidebar widget? Is this possible?

  37. Unfortunately I don’t see the widget … strange.

    Regard, Phil

  38. Doesn’t work with wordpress 2.5 :(. Any chance on getting an updated version?

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  43. Dallas says:

    I have been using this widget for a while and I’m a big fan. I have one commentor who comments regularly and leaves a blog address, but the application never marks her with a URL link. It doesn’t seem to have a problem with any of my other readers. She’s not on the block list, and I’ve confirmed that her web address is valid. Any other ideas of things to check? It’s not essential that her name be linked, but since she enters her blog address, I’d like for her to show up as having one. If you check out my site, you’ll see her listed in the commentor section (Speak Up) as Jane, and under the On My Reading List as Jane’s Blog.

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  48. Matt says:

    Any chance of this getting updated to work with WordPress 2.5?

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