Moving on from Steem blockchain to Hive

I didn’t realise Steem and Hive blockchains have cause such drama this year. I’m a bigger fan of blogging than I am cryptocurrencies. In particular, there more important things to do in real life, like dealing with the economic implications of COVID-19.

As a result I didn’t even realise that Steem has hard-forked as Hive, until I decided to go back to updating my personal blogs.

Blockchains Steem and Hive were all over the online cryptocurrency news early this year.

When all is said and done, there’s only just one issue that I need to figure out: do I stay in Steem, or do I move to Hive?

Initially, I wanted to stay, because why not? However, after doing a bit of reading and seeing that more of my connections are using, I’ve decided to switch. I’ve also started powering down in Steem, just because.

Every post I have in Steemit has been moved to Unfortunately, some images broke.

Fortunately, I’m doing spring-cleaning on my blog content by removing dead links and replacing whatever and wherever possible. So this is going to be an addition to my to-do list — repair my I forgot that after seven days, I can no longer edit any post in Steemit nor in Oh well.

Going back to “conventional” blogging

Over the period of time since I started blogging on the blockchain, I have been mulling over the pros and cons of decentralising my personal blog posts.

Now I’m wary. Decentralised blogging? Bah. I am so over that concept. The main reason I stuck around Steemit was because of the community that’s built around it.

Technically, though, I have discovered that I much prefer blogging on in my own “home”. The Steem + Tron + Hive fiasco reminds me that I don’t really have actual control over my content if I ever decide to “move homes” again.

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Everything boils down to the fact that both Steem and Hive are cryptocurrencies. Who knows: they might change the whole concept from creating value via content to god knows what else.

I’ll still use my to post non-tech related ramblings. Markdowns are so fun to use!

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