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Rather than straining my eyes looking through every one of the plugins in WordPress Codex, I decided to browse through other bloggers Top 10 plugin list such as Gaman @ Sabahan’s, John Chow’s, eJab’s and Circle Six’s, and here are a few noteworthy plugins:

  • Brian’s Threaded Comments v.1.1: Very easy to install and very useful for replying to the comments in my blog. It’s not enough to just distinguish a blog owner’s and poster’s comments by color, so that’s why I really like the threaded look which is more noticeable and easy on the eyes.
  • Optimal Title v.2: I was going to install this, but chickened out after I read all the manual tweakings I had to make on my WP template. I have to agree with Yin So that the setup looks a bit odd. For fear of breaking my blog, I decided to leave this plugin out until I mustered the courage to mod the template some more. But then I found…
  • SEO Title Tag: While functioning almost exactly as Optimal Title, I chose to install STT instead due to the fact that 1) the codes don’t look as intimidating as OT, and 2) its FAQ is easier to understand. Seriously, compare the instructions in both the STT and OT pages. You upload the same amount of file (just one PHP file into the /plugins/ folder), mod the same template (header.php), but guess which one gets you up and going in 3 simple steps.
  • Related Posts v.2.02: Yet another plugin that requires you to mod your WP template. Is it as hard as installing OT and STT? Somewhat. I enabled this plugin only on my single post page, where I integrated it within the meta data section at the bottom.
  • feedList v.2.1.2: I’ve been wondering how I can incorporate the posts I made from my Blog of Rugrats into this site, and feedList might just be my answer. I haven’t… installed it yet… *yawn*… if only… I … zzzzz-zzzzzzzzzz.
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Posted on 6 February, 2007 under Discovering WordPress


  1. Matthew Jabs says:

    Hey webgrrrl…thanks for linking to my post. I gave you some adsense biz & wanted you to change my name from “Jab’s” to “eJabs'”.

    Thank you very much!

    Matthew Jabs

    1. Lorna says:

      Heheh thanks for the biz :))
      Your wish is my command.

  2. ishraq says:

    I am looking for one to go with joomla 1.5

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