Migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

I finally completed a full cloud migration of a domain from Workspace to 365. It took me weeks of planning and three days of sleep-lack focus to complete it.

It was a mess. But complete it I did.

My profile on Delve, Microsoft’s answer to Google’s About Me / People.

It wasn’t as straight-forward as I expected. Even with the migration wizard tools in both Exchange and SharePoint, I kept getting errors left and right.

I feel extra frustrated, due to the fact that I was planning to document every step of the migration process as content for my blog and upcoming YouTube how-to.

Balancing the troubleshooting efforts, switching back and forth different documentations, and switching windows as I screen record on OBS, spell doom for my whole content. I captured more errors than I did successes, so much so that I have to laugh in pain.

I reckon it would take me an hour to simply type out every step I did and reasons how and why I succeeded — and failed — at specific processes. I would rather spend that hour making my video rather than typing them all out.

Once I’m done, I shall update this post.

Watch this space.

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Posted on 16 December, 2021 under Life at work and tagged with , , , , ,