Malaysian bloggers will vote tomorrow

Jeff Ooi on Facebook.The Malaysian blogosphere has been filled with mentions and thoughts on the coming election to be held this Saturday, 8 March 2008. Not only are bloggers hot on the heels of the candidates of their choice (or vice versa) and typing about it at every opportunity, one of them even took it a step further by becoming an election candidate. Screenshot’s Jeff Ooi, who have been making controversial headlines in the Malaysian media since he started his blog in 2003 (read his wiki here), is now in the running for the Parliamentary seat in Jelutong, Penang, under the Democratic Action Party (DAP), one of the major opposition parties in Malaysia. I’m expecting a lot of bloggers are supporting him as well, and I hope for him individually that he wins, because I’m sure Malaysian bloggers are fed up with the current government calling bloggers as idiots and liars (for these news, click on the Bloggers Unite graphic on my sidebar for more details). So Penang bloggers, you know who to vote.

In case no one realizes this, the list of candidates who have won the 2008 election seats by default is out. In the case of my beloved state Sabah, four candidates who have won by default (two of which are former State Ministers) are Datuk Abdul Ghapur Bin Salleh, Datuk Joseph Kurup, Zakaria Bin Mohd. Edris and Ramlee Bin Marabahan; they are all under the incumbent National Front party.

In any case, I’m ready to vote tomorrow. I found out from my husband that the polling stations give special treatment to pregnant women with children, so I’m glad. Maybe I can get a massage or something.

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Posted on 7 March, 2008 under Life in reality


  1. ben says:

    Some other bloggers turned election candidates:

    Tan Sri Kurup’s case could be a landmark court case: what is the definition of being in a nomination area? Cos the PKR guy said he already in, but his number never came up.

    As for Zakaria Bin Mohd. Edris’s opponent: Mohaspa Mohd Hassan seems very familiar – my ex schoolmate, last saw him 22 years ago: 3 times tried, all failed to get blessing from his dad? No comment lah…

  2. Joandarcy says:

    Preggie get special treatment? Hmmm… now that sounds motivating! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Marila mari, pergi mengundi!…. Going home to Membakut, mau mengundi tomolo….. Have a nice day!

  3. Fare Soldi says:

    We are waiting for a baby right now… would love a massage btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Forumistan says:

    Well, I am very happy for Webgrrrl. I am waiting them….

  5. Michael says:

    Go for it web girl make it count!

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