Malaysia imposes Internet censorship on news

It’s a sad day for free speech in Malaysia. The government-run body MCMC has ordered one of the nation’s major ISPs, TMnet, to block the alternative news media Malaysia Kini. Malaysians may still access it, though, by following the tips posted at

I suppose that since Mahathir is no longer in power, his promise that the government will not censor the Internet is no longer relevant.

The Malaysian Government is turning into a totalitarianist.

Well, I just want to say this: thank you, Pak Lah, for your cowardice. I will be waiting for the day we turn into becoming another Myanmar.

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Posted on 28 August, 2008 under Life in reality, Life online


  1. massy says:

    I wonder wut will happen next, ban everyone from blogging? @_@

  2. Bad day for blogging in general.
    A news like that is… the censor of internet like in China is so crazy… The Malaysian Government is turning into a totalitarianist, and censoring internet cost a lot of money…

  3. rummuser says:

    I better stay away from commenting as I am not from Malaysia. I just hope that this is a temporary aberration and that you would get back to normal soon.

  4. That’s quite sad. Censorship at government level is usually corrupt.

  5. Jon Marks says:

    The sad truth is that most (if not all) governments slowly creep towards totalitarianism. Look at the USA. And I’m not even talking about the Patriot act. See how many laws have been passed to protect the public health.

  6. BlogSavvy says:

    Sorry to hear about that, that totally sucks!

  7. ind says:

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