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Screenshot of LornaTimbahdotcom 2010 After almost a year lying dormant, my namesake web site is finally revived. I guess. A few explanations on why I chose Tumblr instead of WordPress are as follows:

  1. Tumblr is perfect for microblogging, which is what I do most of the time. I’m more active on Twitter now than in Facebook, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll stop twittering. Tumblr will auto-fetch those tweets periodically.
  2. I decided to use that site for personal rants after all (just like what most of you recommended), instead of going for a specific niche. I’m focusing on enough niche sites which are taking its toll on my energy and time.
  3. I love how those templates differentiate between video, audio, image, link, chat and normal posts. The theme I currently used for the site highlights those differences by colors.
    Screenshot Tumblr Post Menu
  4. I’m freeing up some space on my web hosting account, and will only use WordPress for some serious blogging and niche building. The latest releases of WordPress have made it easier for all to upgrade (both the platform and the plugins), but not easy enough once you own 10 or more of those blogs with all those deemed-as-necessary-for-SEO plugins. 10 blogs x 10 plugins per blog = ?
  5. I’ve always wanted to use Tumblr for fun.

I almost went for Posterous, if not for the fact that the blog design is so bland.

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  1. A.Razvan says:

    so its a better option tumblr than wordpress?

  2. Interesting choice -I’ve looked at tumblr briefly for a free hosted blog – but forgot about it to be honest. I like and use poserous – though I agree the themes suck- they do rank pretty well with Google as well

  3. rosario says:

    I like the choice, tumblr is perfect option for microblogging 🙂

  4. Posterous is good platform for micro blogging they have sync options with all the major social media sites so you don’t have to update each of your web.2.0 profiles separatelty. But I am still preferring to use WordPress as main CMS for all my projects, it would be nice to have social media sync options on WordPress dough.

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