Long time no hear

Priority, priority, priority. Was what kept me away from my blog. Really, if I was given one wish in the world, it’ll be to add an extra 100 hours into a day so that I can do more things. Quick recap of the past month:

666 Akismet on WebGrrrl.net

  • My Akismet counter has reached the Devil’s number 666. Or is it suppose to be 999?
  • I’m testing out OpenID on my server, but God knows what I’ll do with it since I’m not planning to allow user logins to my WordPress site any time soon (but if you think I should, let me know).
  • I moved my office — took me a month to settle in, get my mails and bills re-routed, contact all suppliers and business partners, and set up my new phone numbers, and finally get connected to the Net.
  • I’ve been made a director in I-hope-it-is-soon-to-be-a-big company dealing with cost-savings telco and much more.
  • I’m currently building a Web-based interface for voice-blasting capabilities which very soon may be used by one of the big telcos in Malaysia — Maxis.
  • I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.1.3 a few minutes ago.
  • I’m testing out the Top Commentators Widget to incorporate the time period limitation; I promise, Cord, it will be done by tomorrow.
  • I got a numerology reading out of curiosity. The gist of it:
    • I’m good at keeping secrets
    • I’m good at keeping money
    • I have hidden talents that no other people realize; people have to dig me like the earth to get to the “oil” within
    • Too calculative, but once I invest on a business and run it the way I plan, I’ll definitely generate more money (oh yeah, show me the money!)
    • I’m a good candidate for a kidnap
    • I should be wary of my friends; most of them are trouble-makers
  • I’m half-seriously trying to figure out how to become an insomniac.
  • I still hate Internet Explorer 7.0.

Lastly, don’t tell me you don’t find this even remotely funny:

bLaugh’s Amazon lawsuit

Gotta love Chris and his sense of humour.

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Posted on 10 April, 2007 under Life at work, Life in reality


  1. Glad to see you back. 🙂

  2. I just love the idea of screengrabbing your akismet counter at 666. You should grab all the milestone numbers, 666, 1337, 8008 as full screen grabs to show the many ages of your blog.

  3. Matthew Jabs says:

    Geez…I’d wondered what happened to you, been busy I see. That’s good. I have been too. eJabs has been suffering a little, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, to pay the bills!

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