Junk URL and splogging?

Can someone please tell me what the heck this is?

http: / / webgrrrl.net/ / public/ slider/ addineyeV2.html? strBanner= gEbServerData= ‘1.0: : 244213: : 470804: : Site- 251/ Type- 11/ 470804_ FE24BF70- 4A2B- 4516- 84CD- 43AECF82EAC1.js: : ExpBanner: : 0: : ebLoadScript(“ebPlayScript”,”http: / / ai656.insightexpressai.com/ adServer/ adServer.aspx? bannerID= 18593″): : : : 0: : 1: : : : 0: : 0: : 0: : 37414: : 0′;gEbBannerData= ‘59194235810219241182137473531: : 1: : 300: : 250: : : : webgrrrl.net: : 0: : 0: : 30: : false: : false: : true: : 0: : 0′;gEbInteractions= ‘[_ eyeblaster,http%3A/ / ad.doubleclick.net/ click%253Bh%3Dv8/ 3575/ 3/ 0/ %252a/ d%253B110807295%253B0- 0%253B0%253B16717987%253B4307- 300/ 250%253B21364406/ 21382296/ 1%253B%253B%257Eaopt%253D2/ 0/ 3d3b/ 0%253B%257Esscs%253D%253f,]’;ebBSmallS= ‘http%3A/ / ds.serving- sys.com/ BurstingScript/ ebBannerServing.js’;gEbDbgLvl= 0;gEbFlashVer= 9;gEbWMPVer= 10;gEbResolution= 16;gEbTemplateName= ‘ExpBanner’;gEbAdUrl= ‘Site- 251/ Type- 11/ 470804_ FE24BF70- 4A2B- 4516- 84CD- 43AECF82EAC1.js’;gEbDynamicResHost= ‘ds- ll.serving- sys.com’;gfEbUseCompression= true;gfEbCacheResources= true;gnEbLowBWLimit= 120;gnEbMinZIndex = 10000;

I got this from looking through my MyBlogLog’s site stats.

Snapshot of the junk URL from WebGrrrl.net site stats

Could this be the work of a splog? In the morning, my WP dashboard did show a pingback from a blog that was snatching posts from other sites, not just mine. But by the time of this post, it has disappeared. I’ll check my browser History later and see if the site is still up.

Update 19/June/2007: And the splog is still up, and made from IP address I’m going to e-mail and demand the site be put down. If ever the site owner said “I didn’t do it on purpose, it’s just a test”, you don’t think I would believe — or care for that matter — do you? Here are the snapshots from

Screen shot of my Top Commentators Widget in WordPress.org plugin directory (coming soon) post from the splogger's site Screen shot of my Junk URL and splogging post from the splogger's site

Update 23/June/2007: Holy Willy Wonka! Based on my web logs, the junk URL may very well be a referral from All Things Digital, one the WordPress CMS sites I was raving about. If it really is so, then slap me on the fanny and call me silly — if it’s just a pingback visit, then it’s fine by me.

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Posted on 18 June, 2007 under Life online


  1. Splogs and content thieves generally bug me, and I’ve had my content stolen a few times, one post appeared on about 40 splogs within 20 minutes of being added to stumbleupon.
    I did a couple of small things to break the splogs. I moved the location of the images in my articles, leading to broken images throughout the splogs. Secondly I started adding a credit and link to my own blog to all posts – meaning the splogger would just look dumb. I also blocked the IPs the splogs were at for good measure.
    Rather than a stroppy email, I just commented on my articles on the splogs asking they be taken down. I don’t know how much more effort it would be worth though.

    1. Lorna says:

      You have some great ideas there. I choose to implement the IP block, since it was luckily captured in Akismet.

  2. Trecia says:

    I know this is a widget but due to making some changes i was wondering if this plugin had a php code for the sidebar. I know if i use the widget it would take off everything i’ve included in the sidebar.

    1. Lorna says:

      I’m a bit lost here — which widget or plug-in are you referring to?

  3. ReviewSaurus says:

    I guess Trecia is talking about top commentator widget.

    Apart from that, Splogs have always been big problem for each and every legit blogger. The best way of removing them is to contact them once and if they still don’t listen then cut down their source of income, by contacting the advertiser directly and proving them that the splogger copied all stuff!

  4. ritchie says:

    Nice top commentators plugin, thx for the good work.

  5. Zaiaku says:

    I had this same thing happen to 1 of my site. The mainly way I took care of this would making it so that if javascript wasn’t enabled it would redirect to the main page of the site. This isn’t a full proof method but it works great. Of course you know you could just ban the ip.

    1. Lorna says:

      One of the advantages of using a paid hosting is the ability to ban IPs, something you can’t do when using a free blog hosting. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Tsewang says:

    this is not because there was somethign wrong with the mybloglog was it? i know they are pretty good at. so maybe not.

  7. Anna says:

    He splogged one of my posts too… the trackback showed up in my Akismet spam…

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