Juggling my love for life and blogging

I promised myself that I will not blog during working hours.

So, just by looking at this blog, you can imagine the havoc that promise has made on my blogging life. And by that I meant zero blogging life.

on hiatus

Although I have gone on a lengthy hiatus several times since this blog was initiated, this time I felt a sincere need to apologize to my blog visitors for the lack of update. I guess this is what happens when you enjoy your full-time job too much, and am way over my head with house work, part-time teaching, and kids.

My passion for blogging has not died. Far from it. My desire to blog and to create as many blogs as possible as my experiment on making money online from blogging is continually fueled by what I’ve learned and experienced these past three months.

Following my post on the only two sites that will really teach you about making money online, I’ve been reserving what blogging time I had on developing other niche sites. My challenge so far is promotion and traffic building. I’m not so concerned about link building, because I have proof that even with a PR2 blog, I am making passive income close to USD100.00 a month on that one niche site of mine.

I promised that once I reached a consistent $2/day on the arts and crafts site, I’ll tell you about it. I’m gonna hate myself for doing this, knowing that you’ll be clicking on this link without the intention of visiting any of the ads there, therefore eating on my web hosting bandwidth and lowering my blog income substantially.

Allow me to indulge in some self-slapping and hope-I-don’t-regret-this-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this-stop-being-a-whiner cussing as I reveal to you…


Just like WebGrrrl.net, I haven’t updated this niche site for almost 4 months (house was broken into, laptop stolen, story for another day), yet the income has actually shot over $3/day on some days. I tried my hands on 3 other niches before I stumbled over this gold mine. I believe its success is due to a mix of 1) interest in the niche itself, 2) some smart keyword research, 3) a little bit of link building via social bookmarks, 4) blog commenting, 5) a dash of forum participation, and last but not least 6) techniques and tips I learned from Court and Grizzly.

I’ll be replicating the promotion and traffic building techniques I’ve used on CrossStitch4Free on my other newer niches, and will talk more about it in Blogging Fu and Looking For Niches, two of my blogs that are highly overdue for its soft launch.

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Posted on 8 April, 2009 under Life in reality


  1. Jewelle says:

    Sorry to hear about the burglary. As for not updating, I subscribe to you in my reader so I get you whenever you update your blog. And do share your tips whenever you can.

  2. Karlonia says:

    Wow, it looks like you’re doing pretty well. I have been thinking about getting into niche blogging myself but still need to do some more keyword research first.

  3. Cocacolya says:

    blogging it’s like a kind of mania…..somebody is already infected:=)

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