Introducing the best WordPress hosting in the world… and 30% off!

To be honest, I didn’t want to blog about my web hosting provider, and selfishly wanted to keep this secret to myself. But their hosting deal and customer support are just too good for everyone to not experience it. So now, after more than a year of hosting with them, I decided to break the silence.

I have tried 3 hosting providers before finally settling with this excellent Web hosting provider. If you’ve been using WordPress for a while, you may have experienced the following common problems:

  • You can’t automatically update your plugins and themes unless you CHMOD your folders to 777 and files to 666 (777 and 666 are the most unsecured folder and file settings, and your site will be prone to hacks).
  • You can’t update your Permalinks unless you CHMOD your .htaccess file to 666.
  • Your Fantastico panel can’t keep up with the latest WordPress version until after two weeks or more.
  • Your hosting provider has no clue when it comes to problems with your WordPress install.
  • Your hosting provider has crappy customer support.
  • … and the most dreaded of all, your WordPress-powered site is using too much memory or CPU resource, that your hosting provider had to shut your site down, or even worse, suspend your hosting account!

I faced all these issues at one time or another during my first year after I started blogging with WordPress. The CPU resource hog was my worst nightmare — wasn’t accessible for almost two weeks because I was using 0.5% more than the 4% CPU limit! Frantically but cautiously, I began my search for the best WordPress hosting I can get without breaking the bank.

WP WebHost -- the best WordPress hosting ever; get 30% off with promo code WEBGRRRL30Until today, my experience helping others with their WordPress install on Dreamhost, Bluehost, Godaddy and HostGator proved that I made the best choice by selecting WP WebHost for my WordPress sites. This is one hosting that sounds too good to be true, but is, actually, absolutely superb, that I don’t think I’ll be happier with any other hosting provider.

Thanks to their WordPress-optimized servers, my hosting issues are now virtually non-existent, and their support is kick-ass, to say the least. Even through e-mail support which I prefer to use, most of the time the response is almost immediate that it boggles the mind! WP WebHost’s Fantastico panel also shows the latest WordPress version a day or two after the update is available, which makes upgrading my more than 10 WordPress sites feel like peanuts.

Best of all, you, the readers, are now eligible to get your very own WordPress hosting with WP WebHost at a crazy 30% DISCOUNT! Yes you heard me right! This means that, using the promotional code WEBGRRRL30, you will get a one-time 30% off all WP WebHost hosting plans, like so:

  • For the monthly plan, it’ll only cost you US$5.60 for the first month, then US$8/month for subsequent months
  • For the annual plan, it’ll only cost you US$4.67/month (US$56/year) for the first year, then US$6.67/month (US$80/year) for subsequent years (billing is annually)
  • For the 2-year plan, it’ll only cost you US$3.50/month (US$84/2 years) for the first 2 years, then US$5/month (US$120/2 years) for every 2-years thereafter (billing is biennially)

You can ask them to transfer your WordPress site from your old hosting provider for free, and I don’t think you’ll be using their 100-day money back guarantee any time soon.

Wow, I’ve been drafting this post for so long, because I really want to do justice to how special WP WebHost is — they make me love WordPress even more!

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Posted on 10 January, 2009 under Discovering WordPress


  1. Matt Jabs says:

    Hey Lorna…

    FYI, all your links to your webhost are actually pointing to your own website…


    1. Lorna says:

      Wow, why didn’t I realize that?? Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. loy says:

    Hi! I got a 90% discount from WP Web Host. That Foress guy was so helpful. Anyway, what’s the web hosting company that you had a bad experience with?

  3. Lorna says:

    Sorry for not getting back with you on this, Loy. They were WebhostingGeeks, Supreme Hosting (a.k.a. Resellers Panel where I signed up as a reseller — bad choice, obviously), and HostGator.

    And, yes, Foress is the bomb!

  4. Nas says:

    Hi Lorna – I used your coupon a few weeks ago, but forgot to leave a thank you note for you. So, a belated thanks – it was great to get a reduction as well as a stong recommendation. Thanks again.

  5. Lorna says:

    No problem, Nas. I hope you enjoyed using WP WebHost’s services as much as I do!

  6. thanks for the code. I used it and it was a great discount.

  7. Wp Web Host is a decent Host. But Hostgator is the best in my opinion. I used to use Ipower a few years ago which was a nightmare.

  8. Tarig says:

    Thanks for the graet job. Does it work for Joomla?

  9. Raj says:


    I am currently using 2bghosting for my website.

    they are the cheapest hosts that I have seen, and i hv not faced any downtime with them.

    u see, i had started bloggin as a hobby and didnt want to spend too much on hosting 🙂

    by d way, how did u get this discount coupon ?

  10. Hosting Siti says:

    Thanks for the great tip. They are a cheap host, I think I will use your coupon code in the next weeks!!!

    Thanks so much again…!!!

  11. Thanks for the article. After bouncing around several hosts myself I finally landed with HostGator and they have yet to let me down despite their growth.

  12. Hitesh says:

    I Guess, I missed this opportunity just by a single month. Got a hosting account last month and working great. So, any chance of discount on that account.

  13. gagaukon says:

    WpWebhost owned by a malaysia company-Exabytes

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