How’s 2022 treating you so far?

It’s not too late to say a belated New Year’s greeting now, is it?

As for me, I started this year on a pretty good footing, I should say.

Flashback to last year

Looking back at 2021, I would say that things were okay, although I wished it had been more exciting. The COVID-19 lockdown that stretched almost six months in my country has put a hold on much of my plans. And so, most of my time is spent working from home, which is nothing new for me.

Still, being stuck at home for prolonged periods of time was not fun. My kids, especially, made it very clear to me how miserable things were, being cooped up indoors.

Once they were fully vaccinated, though, things went slightly better. We (read: I) were still pretty selective of which public spaces we should go to, but at least we now have a choice.

Work, for me, was as usual, I suppose. Working online doesn’t feel like work, and yet feels like you’re working all the time. I conducted a few virtual trainings, worked on my YouTube channel (which will be up soon), planned on some content and niches. And… eh *shrugs*

Once in a while, I would get this bug to want to go working full-time again, just for the routine and chance to connect to people face to face, even if it was just with customers.

It does feel good when others see your value.

Yes, those job offers in my LinkedIn inbox definitely triggered my want for a 9-to-5 job.

Summarizing, 2021 was… what did I say? Okay?

Nah. More like sluggish is what last year was.

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Expectations in this new year 2022

I’m all for self-growth. Coincidentally, I went for two webinars at the start of this new year that I believe is setting the course for the rest of my year.

I’m so glad I attended them.

The first webinar I attended was by Donald Miller, the author of my most favourite marketing book, Storybrand (aff). The webinar was about goal setting for the new year. Although the webinar was meant to be promoting his upcoming book, Hero on a Mission (aff), there was more than enough information to help me kickstart a more systematic way of working towards my goals. I love those workbooks he shared (yes, those were free, too!)

You can still watch the webinar replay, but I can’t guarantee that this link will work for long.

The second webinar I attended was a Jesse Itzler masterclass organized by Pete Vargas. I don’t quite remember why I subscribed to Pete Vargas, but the event invitation was in my inbox so why not lol. There were lots of titbits by Jesse on how to plan and stay productive.

My biggest takeaway, though, is on spending 5 minutes before bed to plan out your activities for the next day.

Here’s how my daily schedule looks like now.

It’s just like prepping your to-do list for the next day. Nothing new.

Yet, there’s something about putting those to-dos and routines into exact timestamps that makes this more profound to me. The thing that I feel good about is that if I miss any of the schedule times, I don’t have to feel guilty about it. The simple and realistic schedule I set for myself helps me anticipate for what I am about to do next.

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Which, for a person like me with big ambitions and having the eagerness to want to do EVERYTHING, is a big deal.

Gosh, I have so many ideas in my head. My 3C’s of create, concentrate, and complete is great in my opinion, but this 5-minute schedule gives leverage to my process even more.

Stay positive

Not gonna lie, that nagging thought in my head about wanting to work full-time hasn’t gone away. Just yesterday, I received another job offer, this time from Company I, for a regional-level specialist position. I’m 60% close to wanting to at least go for that interview.

Stuff blurred for privacy reasons lol

Challenge is so tempting.

Whatever my choice will be, I just hope this new year is better on all fronts. I wish the same for yours.

Be healthy and prosperous.

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