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Yeah, things have been a little dusty on the blogging front. When life happens, priorities need to be re-analysed and re-ordered. Which means that I need to have a better strategy or process in place to keep this blogging muscle going. Which, most probably means that I might need to redesign this blog again to include all my microblog and social media updates, which may impress upon my blog visitors that, indeed, my geeky life of coding is very much well, alive, and active.

Back to blogging matters, or rather, my life in general. The year 2013 has been a life-altering experience in so many ways. I’m counting more blessings, and blessings in disguise amidst my personal turmoil. These experiences propelled me to take actions which I may otherwise delay or dismiss. I’m very grateful with my life and the people in it — both the good ones and bad ones — for the opportunity and the challenges, especially so on what people may label as one of the lowest point in their lives. I only choose to rise above those challenges, and yet that choice made a huge difference in my life.

My life is rocking.
My life is rocking.

In honour of this enlightenment, I decided on re-aligning my new year’s resolution (I know, it’s almost two months since New Year’s Day. I’m lame that way). Instead of focusing on results like losing weight, finishing up Project X, buy a house, and so on, I’m angling on attitude change.

My mantra this year is Create, Concentrate and Complete. The 3 Cs. Let’s say I plan on losing weight. This means that I need to Create a plan, timetable, activity or whatever else I need to complete this. I need to look into eating better/less carbs+sweet+milky stuff, jog more (jogging is my favourite exercise), and drinks lots and lots of water. Next, whatever I’ve planned, I must have the willpower to Concentrate and follow through my plan. This means that I don’t accept any excuse from myself to not do it, and no procrastination.

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And whatever I Create, I must Complete. This is my biggest challenge, and the main reason why my new year’s resolution is what it is now. Sometimes some things I plan may take longer than expected, even longer than one whole year. So I’m going to be more realistic with my deadlines and accept the fact that something may not be achievable this year, but it might be next year or some time later. It will happen. It will come. Whatever it is.

As long as I can become a better person this year than I was before, then I am one happy soul.

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  1. Massy says:

    I need to list down my New Year’s Resolution on my blog coz I did that on my twitter. So far, achieve one of it. I realize I stop blogging coz I don’t have time to do it, well maybe I do just that I procrastinate a lot. *chuckled.

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