Google Reader still down?

Google Reader’s official blog did not mention anything about the service being down, but Softpedia ran a news about it being inaccessible since 21 May. It’s 26 May today and I still can’t access it, so I’m finding it quite frustrating. I’ve been noticing intermittent problems accessing other Google services too, finding its load time to be slower than usual at certain times of the day. I’m sure it’s not just my Internet connection problem, because I know other people have been having the same issues.

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Posted on 26 May, 2008 under Life online and tagged with ,


  1. paikia says:

    Weird. I’m in Singapore. I do not have any problem accessing it.

  2. Wow, webgrrrl online already!
    I thinky you really mean your slogan 🙂

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