Google Earth

I was forced to install the so-cool-but-helluva-bulky Google Earth so that I can snapshot some real-life view of Sabah to do my animated map multimedia. Only now have I just realized something. All this while I thought Google Earth images were captured in real time, but not so according to their FAQ. Which depresses the heck out of me, because, really, the images are old as you can see in this picture.

Missing Flyover

A flyover bridge which was built and operational in 2005 is not shown in this Google Earth view, neither is the bus station near Menara Wawasan (SEDCO) and definitely no Warisan Plaza (shown as the bland empty land space it used to be). Sad, isn’t it, to think that Kota Kinabalu isn’t a city prominent enough to be updated frequently.

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Posted on 27 January, 2007 under Life online, Web traversing