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When life gives you lemons, grab the tequila and have a party. That’s what I’ve been doing to my life lately. And what better way to go at it than to spend on efforts I’m most passionate about?

I’m a simple citizen developer. I don’t have a Computer Science degree, but only as my minor — Computing Technology and Applications to be exact. The closest I have to a degree in computer “anything” is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification, and that I got in 2010, which was 12 years after I graduated from college.

But I LOVE development, especially for the Web. Backend development even more.

What I fear the most about being a developer is not being good enough or developing for systems that are obsolete. Nowadays, if you hear people code in Visual Basic, people would say, “You mean, don’t you?” Uh, no. VB. And they’d go WHAAAAA and then you feel like you had better hide behind the chair than getting yourself embarrassed. And you’ve barely past understanding object oriented language when you’re now getting MVC frameworks to learn about and you would go WHAAAAA and then you feel like you had better bang your head on the chair and maybe your scattered brain can absorb all that. And then there’s the SQL language that you’ve JUST about understanding because you’ve been so hung up on using the seek method in your VB programme that when you learn about NoSQL concepts you go WHAAAAA.

Maybe it’s just old age catching up.

Getting a Google Developers Group chapter set up in Kota Kinabalu is my fight-or-flight response to my fear.

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Google Developers Group Kota Kinabalu Logo

You can read up on what GDG Kota Kinabalu is all about in the official Google+ page. I’ve also set up an official Facebook and Twitter accounts if you want to get updates there. Otherwise, just bookmark the official GDG Kota Kinabalu website and visit any time you like.

I hope to benefit from the awesomeness of the developers here in KK, and I hope everyone who participates in the group will gain the same awesomeness. If you’re in town, come to our meetup and hang with other Google developers in KK. If you’re curious, you can always join us wherever you are, by joining any of our scheduled Hangouts. If you have something to share on Google tools and technology, even better. Message or drop me an e-mail and we’ll talk.

Let’s get together.

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  1. Mr. LAM says:

    Hi Ms Lorna Timbah ,

    i came across your messages on the net that you will be organizing an GDG talk on sept 9 at Wisma Bandaraya. I am from advertising line doing printing and event set-up . Do you think we could work something out?

    thank you & regards’

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