Goodbye Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger in his last acting performance as The Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight.I opened my Google News yesterday and what did I find? News on the untimely death of Heath Ledger. And only last week I watched the Dark Knight trailer and was in awe at how startling Ledger’s portrayal was as The Joker, which gave me the impression that this would be the best Batman movie yet.

Not only will he be remembered for the tear-jerking performance in Brokeback Mountain (I cried! I really did, dagnabit!), but we will also miss him for the greatest and most disturbing Joker we would ever see for a long, long time.

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Posted on 24 January, 2008 under Elsewhere and tagged with ,


  1. Matt says:

    Is so sad to hear people I just saw or met are not amongst us anymore. It is a weird and disturbing feeling I also have when I see a news announcing the death of a person I saw or read about.

  2. ben says:

    I must be living under a rock all this time: I havent even heard of Heath Ledger until I read about his death on giuk.

    I guess I’m trying too hard to catch all the old movies listed on IMDB first.

  3. Yeah – his death was unfortunate. He was a great actor and I’m sure his new movie will be a hit.

  4. Yeah. It sounds terible, but his suicide mars my looking forward to the next Batman movie. 🙁

  5. He will be missed. i do not believe it was a suicide as the above commentator mentions. it was a accidental overdose or prescription medication. The picture you used in your article is definitely not the way I want to remember him. He did play a surprising scarry joker. He had definitely come into his own since playing in patriot with mel Gibson.

  6. Susan says:

    It still makes me so sad that he is gone.

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