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I plan to move my blog to BlueHost as soon as my hosting account expires next year. But as for the rest of my blogs, I’m currently quite content hosting it at for free, since I’m currently on a tight budget after the birth of my son, and those blogs of mine aren’t receiving any serious traffic anyways. Blog of Rugrats is currently hosted there and so far the access to the site has been as good as the paid hosting I’m on now.

I know I’m taking a pretty risky choice of hosting my blogs on a free hosting. Would you be willing to do the same thing? Under what circumstance would you choose a free hosting over a paid one?

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Posted on 24 June, 2008 under Life online


  1. rummuser says:

    I did my trip the other way, from a free host to a paid one. I doubt that I shall ever go back to a free one ever.

  2. ben says:

    I would never go for free hosting again after a bad experience.

    I would ever only do it for testing purposes.

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