FaceBook’s urTurn Scam?

Scam: A fraudulent business scheme or con; an attempt to to intentionally mislead a person or persons usually with the goal of financial or other gain.

Background story — I first found out about urTurn through HongKiat.com, and decided to use it almost immediately to see whether I can make money. Here’s the concept — you do certain actions in Facebook like adding friends, posting a message, inviting people into Facebook, etc., which enables you to collect points. These points can then be advertised in urTurn’s Marketplace for people to buy, and to buy those points they will need to first send payment you by PayPal.

Here’s where my problem surfaced — I decided to sell my 450 points in the marketplace for USD0.01 per point. This means that I should get USD4.50 if the whole 450 points are sold, right?

WRONG! Clearly from the two e-mail screenshots you see below, there was no way for me to verify and accept the transaction on my part before the urTurn Marketplace sells it to the buyer.

urTurn Scam - E-mail screenshot 1

urTurn Scam - E-mail screenshot 2

And you know how much I was actually paid? ONE MEASLY CENT! YES, YOU READ CORRECTLY! USD0.01! Minus the PayPal fee? Well, you can see from my PayPal screenshot below just how much I actually got.

urTurn Scam - PayPal screenshot 2

I have sent five emails since two weeks ago, three to support@urturn.com and two through their Marketplace system. None got any response. urTurn Marketplace is also down since a week ago, hopefully indefinitely, which is why I can’t supply you with screenshots of the site that says exactly that I would get USD4.50 for selling all my 450 points.

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Some people at TechCrunch also reported on urTurn as a scam. And I agree with them. If you are using urTurn to claim a prize or get anything back in return, don’t bother. Just remove that app from your Facebook, it’s just not worth your bandwidth and screen space.

urTurn, you give Facebook a bad name.

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  1. rummuser says:

    What a sad story. Good that you have shared with us. All of us need to be careful about these scamsters.

  2. kouji says:

    man, that really sucks. am sorry to hear about what happened.

  3. Downloadic says:

    Yes it suxx, and its a sad story, too.

  4. Damien says:

    I wonder about a lot of those Facebook apps. Glad you reported this one to us, thanks.

  5. appleblogger says:

    thats bad. i also already try urturn and get paid sometimes. I also have same fate like you. Only get 1 cent..damm!

  6. Mike Wojcik says:

    give it another shot, they have fixed these issues.

    1. Lorna says:

      I’m not even gonna bother anymore. How do they say it? — once burned, twice shy?

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