Draft posts: to inspire, or to expire

338. That is the exact number of posts left unpublished in this site.

The current state of posts in WebGrrrl.net

Before I started my full-time job last year, I spent much of my time on my web sites, whether blogging, optimising content, managing my online income. In addition, I made it a point to stay away from using social media for up to a week at a time. Due to this, I had extra time to work on more meaningful and personally enjoyable endeavors.

In spite of that, those of you who visit my site from time to time may have noticed how bare my blog posts are in WebGrrrl.net. This is because my blog postings were spread over not just my niche blogs, but also in Steem.

I took a break from blogging for most of the period during my full-time stint, and focused more on social media, which I was expected to work more on. In between that period, I did manage to sneak a quick post — or hundreds, apparently — as a way to record blog post ideas that I can’t manage to expend and expand on at that moment.

It seems like there were many, many moments of that. Golly.

Now that my contract is over, I’m back to “hiding away” from social media and back to the World Wide Web where things matter more, hahah. This also means that I can sit down and deal with the backlog of blog ideas ready for their finishing touches.

What to do with the drafts, though?

Let me admit one thing: I extremely enjoyed my style of writing in Steem. Have you read them? You should. Some posts are very journal-like, personal memoirs that at times recount my journey as a web developer. At other times, they’re surprisingly thoughtful, that I sometimes wonder what I did to reach such cognizance.

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My last post in Steemit was nine months ago to this date.

Here’s my dilemma: if I keep blogging the way I did at Steem, then I would be diluting the focus of WebGrrrl.net which is about tech, blogging and web development. On the other hand, if I keep my focus on those three topics, then I would either need more brain power to finish up the post, or the number of posts I’m able to come up with will be less.

Diluting a web site’s focus can be detrimental to its SEO, as I have personally experienced again and again. Besides, what a pity it would be to leave all those post ideas lay to waste, such as “3 Awesome Polymer Project Demo Apps You Can Customise Now”. If you want to pivot from a web developer to an mobile app developer, you would be immensely interested to read this up.

Yet… none of them can beat my short series on losing weight (part 1, part 2, part 3) and my love for K-pop (part 1, part 2, part 3). You have no idea how delightful I was to be able to blog about such topics. No constraints whatsoever. How liberating.

Therefore, I need to be careful in deciding whether I want to leave WebGrrrl.net as a lead generator, or go back to blogging to re-activate my site traffic.

I can’t decide right now *shrugs*.

Oh well, let me give myself a couple more days. In the meantime, I’ll need to optimise on my other passive income streams and come back to this issue later.

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