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It’s bookmarking clearing time, which means that I’m stashing a couple of worthy sites out for everyone’s enjoyment.

Googolopoly screen shot
Screenshot of Googolopoly

TechChee (link removed) recently blogged about a Google-styled Monopoly game that calls Googolopoly (’cause Google does seem like they’re monopolizing the Internet, get it?). You play the game the same way you would Monopoly; instead of using money, and setting up houses and hotels, you use shares and recruiting developers and setting up servers. The estates featured on the boards are also changed — what used to be MayFair and Park Lane (or Boardwalk and Park Place if you’re in the States), are now Microsoft and Yahoo!. All you need to play this game is to download the PDF file containing your shares, cards and boards, then print them out and you’re raring to go!

BuiltWith logo
Built With logo

I found this next tool through my routine blog hopping, though I forgot to bookmark the original blog post that featured it. is a comprehensive technology and SEO profile tool that helps you analyse your site on numerous aspects of your site, from the technology and software running your blog, to search engine ranking, and even the value of your site. In layman terms, it checks your SEO, your blog’s social networks, analytics used, and so forth. I particularly like the tool’s integration with third party sites like (rank checker), Who Is Hosting This (shows who your actual hosting provider is, instead of your reseller), You Get Signal (how many domains shares your IP), and many more. Here’s’s profile at BuiltWith if you’re interested to see it.

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    It is very nice indeed. I am however not yet ready for it, I think.

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