Considering my future web hosting provider

I currently use two web hosting companies to host the several domains that I own. I’m still with my old web hosting provider in spite of my recent downtime predicament with them, because I’m just waiting on my hosting account to expire so that I can get my domains the hell away from there. I chose another web hosting company that claims that they specialize in WordPress-based hosting. So far I’m OK with them, but I’m not 100% totally happy with its uptime; I’ve got a nagging suspicion that accessing my site is slower compared to before. Could it be because of the increased traffic I’m getting into my site? I can’t really say, because my traffic hasn’t increased that much, to only another 1,000 or so increase from my normal 3,000+ page views.

I am highly considering the following web hosting providers, which are BlueHost, 1&1 , 1Power, and Doteasy – web hosting. BlueHost has such a great reputation among WordPress-based blog owners, and even itself endorses it. 1&1 and Doteasy have fantastic packages, and whilst 1&1 have very attractive domain prices, the clients I had before who used my web design services said they have a good experience with Doteasy support. I’m putting 1Power in my list because of its affordable options for both domains and hosting packages.

I’ll be making my final decision by the end of May just to be sure that these providers continue to stick as my choice web hosting provider.

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Posted on 3 March, 2008 under Discovering WordPress and tagged with