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It has been a nerve-wrecking week for, as the site keeps getting suspended time and again due to CPU overload. was suspended due to some farking idiot’s fault.

It started when the idiot owner of mp3central.blogspot started hotlinking an Estranged image in one of my posts, and even with MySQL optimization, hotlinking protection, WP Super Cache and IP/domain deny on, I was getting bombarded with access errors and traffic increase of more than 600%. My hosting provider hasn’t got a clue, and asked me to create a robots.txt to avoid web crawler traffic (my stats showed nothing peculiar about them crawlers even after I compared them with my older logs), and switch off all the “modules” that I was currently using — clearly they don’t know anything about WordPress. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy with their suggestions, but did it anyway. The problem didn’t go away, as I predicted.

What frustrates me the most about this whole mess is that I had to waste my time waiting for support to get back to me with the CPU load stats only after every 24 hours, because that’s how often they update their stats. Imagine having to wait like that for four straight days? That’s ridiculous. They should have had direct access to the hardware for them to monitor and give me a report every couple of hours.

Out of desperation, I set up a temporary hosting in and forwarded my domain there for about two days, as my search for a dedicated WordPress hosting provider continued. I would have stuck with if not for the fact that I cannot change my WP theme and add my choice of plugins. As of today, this domain is hosted by WPWebHost and I plan on staying with them for a whole year. My other domains are currently hosted in my old hosting provider and I plan to let it stay until my hosting expires this July. By that time, I’d be making enough extra online income to buy myself a VPS or dedicated server.

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  1. Laura says:

    Good luck with the web hosting. My host is great but does not let me load a blog, unless I want to go up to the next pkg with them. I’m thinking about it. There are good and bad points to doing it.

  2. I had some of the same problems until I bought the VPS package. Basically there are only a few websites on the server as compared to hundreds or thousands on a regular shared server.

    I also don’t think robots.txt will help much against hotlinkers (could be wrong on that one) I think you’ll want to look at your mod_rewrite file or use a hosting company that has Cpanel. Most have hotlink protection in the control panel.

  3. good luck with you new hosting.
    maybe you can try since i have small web hosting company, i bought they reseller package.

    i’ve used it for almost one year, never disappointed.

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