Boredom reliever… NOT

Was surfing around, trying to lessen my headache from all the paperwork I have to do, when I stumbled upon, a site with an array of links pointing to a bunch of nothings. Since I had nothing to do, I tried one of the sites called Fun Drawings, where you sketch or write anything freehand and the site will evaluate your personality based on what you have done.

Boredom reliever drawingAs you can see, my drawing wasn’t really a work of art. Blame it on my stupid mouse. Once you’re done doodling, the site will ask you 10 questions or so before generating your personality analysis. Here’s why I think this drawing site is a waste of time:

  • Instead of it analyzing your drawing, you are the one who actually has to analyze it and give the answer, e.g. are the i’s dotted? is the mouth open wide? is there gunk in your eye? I mean, seriously.
  • Obviously it’s better if you just draw with a regular pen on a piece of paper, rather than meticulously letting yourself die in front of your computer monitor trying to maneuver your mouse over the drawing canvas.
  • The outcome/answers left much to be desired. Since we ourselves anaylyze our drawings, our perception on how “big” or “small” the face we drew is relative. And anyways, the results were freaky. Based on the person analysis, I’m considered paranoid, whilst by analyzing the writing, I’m considered self-confident and affectionate. What the?!

So, my personal comment in a nutshell would be, visit this site if you are really, really, really bored out of your mind that you are in the verge of dying. Because I think there are more interesting sites out there then playing with this drawing site, letting yourself suffer and giving yourself carpal tunnel.

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Posted on 18 October, 2006 under Web traversing