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I’ve been contemplating whether to move The Blog of Rugrats into a new domain, or just dump it into Being a lazy beep that I am, I have decided to just add it into this blog. I’ll be creating a new category for these types of posts and set it as hidden from the front page and RSS using the Advanced Category Excluder plugin, though I’m still a bit on the fence on whether I should be putting my kids’ face all over the site.

The idea of putting up another domain for The Blog of Rugrats still appeals to me — do you think I get another domain, or just stick to my plan?

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Posted on 17 January, 2008 under Life online and tagged with


  1. ben says:

    The best is get another domain, but then will you have time to update it?

    For myself, I got too carried away, registered quite a few domains, then ended up having no time for some of them. In the end, I can say I only have time to update 2 blogs (on separate domains).

  2. papajoneh says:

    yep.. go get another domain. but always, limited by your time only. Like Ben above, time is the problem. Only can decide on this. 🙂

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