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Sabah bloggers got a different treat this year for the annual gathering, unlike the previous three years. It was more grand and complicated than before, (being that I only realized a couple of days before it happened) that this event, glamorously called B2.0, was going to be held over a 2-day, 3-night period! Wow!

55273_456097223811_599928811_5339546_3940199_o Organized by the team at Borneo Colours (BC), the event started with a preview dinner on 28 October, followed by a seminar on the 29th, then a paintball get-together on 30th morning, and a closing ceremony cum winners announcement that evening. Being caught off-guard by the overwhelming activities at a last minute, I only managed to attend the preview dinner (see me mingle here) and the seminar a.k.a. New Media Dialogue. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the seminar itself was more impressive than I expected. In the morning, for some reason just more than half the seats were filled, but by noon, the place was packed.

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Borneo’s Regional Blogospheres” was presented by three bloggers representing Brunei DS (Marul a.k.a Geek In White), Kalimantan (Dwi Wahyudi a.k.a. Blogger Borneo) and Sarawak (Cyril Dason) regions. I came in late but just in time for Marul’s presentation, so I wasn’t sure whether there was anyone from Sabah presenting at that session (maybe Daniel Doughty’s opening remarks was it?). Overall it was a good warm-up session for what was to come.

addykhoBlog Monetization” by Addy Kho of The 9-Hour Work Week blog was a session that’s right up my alley. His monetizing focus was on Internet and affiliate marketing. When he mentioned using Top Commentators to engage users, my ears perked. My eyes missed the widget when scanning his blog the first time, so I thought he removed it. However, it was actually right on the sidebar slightly way down the website. It’s great to know that Addy further validates the use of TC in relation to increasing readership and subsequently the ka-ching factor.

b415881e8ec546393228aa09b1589c8e_view Reeda Malik a.k.a. AnakBrunei’s session on “Managing Your Personal Brand” led me to ask him this: is it possible (or has there been any case) where a person can successfully separate his online persona and his real-life identity? To be known for his skills rather than his personality? The gist of Reeda’s answer was that more often than not there exist a very fine line in separating those identities, and you might as well be a schizophrenic to achieve that. E-hem. I was hoping I could be like Clark Kent / Superman, you know. Clark being the equivalent of me in real life, while Superman being the equivalent of WebGrrrl, ‘cause we have super cool names, you see. Why, people even mistakenly calls me Lana sometimes, so… *flatters self*.

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2ndsessiondiscussion I’m glad Cyril Dason posed the question on the use of disclaimer in a website after Eddie Law’s session on “Blogging Limitation — Law and Ethics”, which affirms what I’ve known all along about it – it’s useless. It doesn’t protect you from the law. Otherwise if it does, you won’t see so many bloggers in Malaysia go to jail so easily. Eddie’s session garnered the most questions in this seminar, which was a pleasant surprise for me. This shows that we bloggers do care about integrity and civility, contrary to political and contemporary beliefs.

robangeles One minute into Rob Angeles’ session on “Effective Steps to Online Engagement”, and you’ll realize that A) he really knows what he’s talking about, and B) he has a great sense of humour. Through his extensive statistics and technical glitches, he kept us guffawing and at the same time more aware of how important social media is for businesses to engage in. Keyword: Enterprise 2.0.

184413340 I frankly wasn’t keen on paying attention to “From Zero to Hero Using Social Media” by Ronnie Klassen, a politician who happens to blog. It reminded me too much of my disgust towards the current Malaysian political scene and the fact that I will soon have to vote again for the lesser of two evils. I wasn’t even trying to listen, other than on the part where he mentioned about his top — and most controversial — three blog posts that ended up getting him locked up in jail while earning him a few thousand US dollars per post from Google AdSense at the same time. Note to self: controversy pays.

GreenSurf’s session, especially its videos, kept me back on pace and Harjinder and Alice rocked! “Case Study: Winning Hearts & Minds Through New Media” provided not just the volunteers’ experiences on behalf of Sabahans in acting against the proposed coal power plant in Lahad Datu, but also gave a very honest view on the benefits and limitations of using social media to voice the people’s true decisions and thoughts on this matter.

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3rdpaneldiscussion  azrul  4thpaneldiscussion

Joomla made its debut in this dialogue in the form of Azrul’s JomSocial in “Powered CMS”. I’m impressed with this Facebook-like plugin that powers Borneo Colours’ website. This still didn’t stop me from poking fun at Joomla lightheartedly by clapping loudly when Azrul pointed out the stats whereby WordPress has the highest number of plugins compared to Joomla and Drupal. At the next slide, he showed that Joomla plugins were downloaded the most compared to WP and Drupal. I just like to think that this is because WordPress gets more done with less 🙂 Still, I’d like to thank Azrul for even considering WordPress as a CMS.

Then comes Daniel Doughty’s session on “Collaborative Marketing Initiative”. He might as well just call this “What is Borneo Colours” 🙂 In all honesty, I’ve been pretty confused with what Borneo Colours is trying to achieve in the online social media arena. Are they volunteers? Are they doing these for free? Are they commercial? Up to that time, all I see was little transparency, with much hyped superficial activities and bombastic publicity words, and I made sure Daniel knew my thoughts about BC when I chatted with him at the preview dinner. His session did clear it up: BC is a commercial entity with a noble cause, which is to use social media and gather bloggers specifically to promote tourism in the Borneo region. So now that he’s cleared up BC’s business model, how about its revenue model? Hmm.

I always love startup stories, so I really wanted to sit through FlickEvents’ Yan Phun as she talks about her company’s experience in “Start Ups Challenge and Opportunity”. However, realizing that it was time for me to split and pick up my kids from school, I had to rush out and miss most of her talk.

I’d like to add more thoughts on this event, but good golly am I tired (I have another hour left before I’m off to work and I haven’t slept a wink!). So, kudos to Borneo Colours for going all out to organize this event. I can imagine how challenging it is to organize such an event with four regions over three different countries.

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  1. chegu carol says:

    I did miss quite interesting topics there especially the topic on internet law and ethics. So, if the disclaimer isn’t gonna protect us from the law, then no use putting it up lah kan?

    1. Lorna says:

      Disclaimers don’t have enough legal traction to make it stand, so that’s why they’re no use at all.

  2. Cyril Dason says:

    Oh yeah… It was a great event. Hope the coming one will be even better 🙂

    1. Lorna says:

      Great to have you share about Sarawak Bloggers. All the best with the upcoming gathering plans (the one you’re doing with Gallivanter), I’m keeping a close eye on it!

  3. julian sabah says:

    Thank god u summarized all the talk, i missed the rest after monetization n it rained… :s

    n yes i do agree party on ur view about BC. in fact i like ur sentence.
    “BC is a commercial entity with a noble cause”

    is that possible? n im hoping to see what is their next step 🙂

    anyway i also dropped by to say hi :p

    1. Lorna says:

      I thought I saw a glimpse of you! Then you were gone like the Chipsmore cookie.

      I’m sure it’s possible, seeing how Matt Mullenweg’s Automattic made money out of WordPress and then channel it to open-source software initiatives. But BC needs to come clean with their intentions, and make do without the wordy frills (like “promoting the colours of Borneo”… seriously?) I’m not attacking them, just pointing out the obvious. I really hope BC works out, because it looks to be a win-win situation for us in Borneo, no matter which side of the commercial market we are.

      Great to see you’re back into blogging again 🙂

  4. geekinwhite says:

    great post! will reblog ok? hehe..

    1. Lorna says:

      Help yourself — your tweetpics made this post look good 😀

  5. Massy says:

    Once a year I meet you oh.

    1. Lorna says:

      LOL! Isn’t that, like, a tradition for us already? ;D

  6. lionel says:

    Thanks for this post, Lorna! Two reasons:

    #1. I couldn’t make it because I’m working in KL and I really wanted to do everything and meet everyone!

    #2. Thanks especially for your third-last paragraph. Being formerly part of the BC team, valuable feedback like this was hard to come by especially since we were so new. Daniel came from tourism where flowery hype is a big part of the industry, whereas a web startup looking to attract savvy netizens would do better with transparency, directness and a clear background story. I personally regret overlooking this 🙂

    Hope to make it next year..

    1. Lorna says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Lionel. You are right about #2, so I hope BC would take my notes as constructive criticism to improve its business and social activities if the company truly does want to achieve its objective.

      Hope to see you at this or similar event in the future.

  7. John Wong says:

    Yan Phun’s talk on startup was awesome =) its the highlight of the day for me… sorry u had to miss it

    hi from another fellow developer … I was surprised that u developed “the” wordpress plugin… =)

    1. Lorna says:

      “The” WordPress plugin, huh?? 😀

  8. cindy says:

    I wonder when I can meet all of you! 🙁

    1. Lorna says:

      Yeah, I’ve been reading your blog for more than 3 yrs and we still haven’t met!

  9. rosario says:

    Thanks for SOS BORNEO Video, look good 🙂

  10. its cool…
    Hello, im blogger from indonesia..
    from west borneo..
    nice too meet you..

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