Abandoned games now downloadable free

Update 18 Oct 2020: I have removed the oldpcgames dot com link mentioned in the previous update. Nevertheless, a fabulously working version of Theme Hospital is still available for download online, FREE.

Update: If you’re looking to download Bullfrog games, head over to Old School PC Games (link removed, site, non-existent).

While downloading a mobile version of The Sims 2, I suddenly went nostalgic and had the itch to play two of my favourite DOS games from 10 years ago, Theme Hospital and SimTower. You can imagine how elated I am when I found that these games are now available for download, free! I downloaded Theme Hospital from Best Old Games, and got Sim Tower from Abandonia. Both of these sites have a huge collection of popular DOS-based games way back when, like Theme Park, Final Fantasy, SimCity, Bubble Bobble, Warcraft and Civilizations — all of them were must-installs in my dearly departed Pentium MMX powered PC.

Update 18 Oct 2020: I haven’t tried downloading from Best Old Games in a long while, so please do so with caution if you decide to try. Otherwise, as mentioned on the top of this post, a Theme Hospital download for Windows 10 is available. As for Abandonia, the download link doesn’t seem to work when I tried it a minute ago. Again, attempt so with caution.

Screen shot of Bullfrog's Theme Hospital splashscreen. Image from http://www.bestoldgames.net/eng/old-games/theme-hospital.php

The only challenge with playing these games on newer PCs is that they may not be compatible with your sound card. I downloaded DOSBox to see whether it solves the issue, and after an amount of tweaking, I did manage to get decent sounds coming out of the game.

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If you do decide on downloading the games, maybe you can do those free download sites a favour like I did. Get a couple of sponsored posts on your blog, then donate your earnings to those sites.

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  1. Jewelle says:

    OMG, I loved Theme Hospital, SimTower and Simcity and I was very good at them too, if I may so myself, LOL. How I miss playing them….

    I might give Theme Hospital a go again…adalah yang tidak tidur ni malam ni…

    1. Lorna says:

      Remember to do a Google for the patch, and also there’s an add-on for the Pregnancy illness if you can find it πŸ˜€ I haven’t tried that “disease” before, because I just noticed that add-on too!

  2. Ukrainian says:

    That was my favorite game! Thank you for link πŸ™‚

  3. cindy says:

    Hahahaha. I just started playing an old game last night too. I miss the game so much, I decided to play it again. It’s called Gabriel Knight. I’m playing from Gabriel Knight I again. DOS game lagi tu. πŸ˜€

    1. Lorna says:

      I never played that game before; I’ll give it a try soon.

  4. cindy says:

    If you’re into “Adventure” game type, then you’d probably like Gabriel Knight. It’s an adventure of a vampire hunter… very interesting! (for me lah. hehe)

  5. Adam says:

    Theme Hospital was a great game! Great find.

  6. papajoneh says:

    Alamak… sini pulak si Cindy cari game..
    thank you lorna… i also from that era… all dos all green monitor.. nah kau lagilah lama.
    thanks thanks thanks.. abislah ni malam ni. While standby jaga babies, might as well play this game. cool πŸ™‚

  7. papajoneh says:

    I have downloaded the tom&jerry for my son.. hmmm he rejected bah. He doesn’t like the graphics… hahaha. Kids nowadays … so eksyen one. At last i play it myself. hahaha.
    I found my old Doom game too… this was the game that started all the first person shooter engine.. like the CS.
    Thanks again. and i tried to donate something to them thru the paypal.. my noscript FFox stop me from doing it. something to do with their script. so tak dapat lah donate. πŸ™

  8. priscilla says:

    thanks for your suggestions. i downloaded theme hospital this morning but it keeps freezing on my new labtop … know anyway to fix this? i did download the DOSBOX .63 but i dont think i put in the correct code because im not a computer person. can you please be kind enough to show me how ?? im using a SONY XP intel core 2 duo processor thanks u can email me back

  9. Mac Games says:

    Cool! I found several games I played back in the day. Plus, I didn’t get into the Warcraft franchise until World of Warcraft. It was cool to find Warcraft I and II. Hopefully, they will run on my laptop. It will make the commute to work go quite a bit faster.

    I wish I could find a boxed set of all the old Infocom games. I know that was available a while back, but when I contacted them, they couldn’t guarantee it would run on XP (nevermind Vista).

    The Zork games are available for free download.

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