6-year old put in prison: oh yes we did!

Wow, the paranoid Malaysian Government did it again. After putting in jail without judicial intervention of more than a couple of bloggers, a politician, an activist group, and God knows how many more in the span of just a few months, us Malaysians can now be proud of the fact that we may be the first ever country in this democratic globe to imprison a 6-year old named Vwaishhnnavi Waytha Moorthy.

Letter by a 6 year old that landed her in jail

The reason? For writing a letter to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Oh yes, she did! You can’t do that, girl!

The letter sent on 23 October 2008 read:
Dear Mr. Prime Minister

On the 27th October 2008 Hindus in Malaysia would be celebrating Deepavali — a festival to mark victory over evil.

This celebration does not mean anything to us so long as my lawyer uncles, uncle RPK and all others are in prison under ISA.

Please release them as Deepavali gift for All Malaysians.

Please visit my house, I will wait for you with flowers, and cakes.

Yours loving daughter
Vwaishhnnavi Waytha Moorthy

I suppose that the government got more than scared after reading the part about inviting the PM to her house, having deciphered the flowers and cakes part as chains and knives.

Say you can tell that I’m being sarcastic about the whole thing, eh? But the part about imprisoning a 6-year old, not funny. I would raise hell if my kids were treated that way.

“Uncle lawyers” = the Hindraf group; “uncle RPK” = Raja Petra Kamarudin, veteran journalist and blogger, owner of alternative Malaysian news, Malaysia Today; “ISA” = Malaysia’s Internal Security Act. Oh, and “flowers, and cakes” = chains, and knives. Update: After being detained on Oct 23, she and her mother were released the next day but they chose to stay in the police station until the 9 others detained with them were released.

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Posted on 26 October, 2008 under Elsewhere, Life online


  1. rummuser says:

    Nice to have you blogging again. And the topic is very interesting to me as a Tamil. Indian newspapers have not carried this news. Rather strange.

    I appreciate your approach and only wish that all Malaysians can take this view.

    1. Lorna says:

      To be fair, the Indian community (being Tamils, Hindis, Sikhs collectively) in our country has been pretty divided on Hindraf’s initiative. Based on my observation, the Indian political parties and leaders’ ineffectiveness in fighting for Indian rights in the government mostly contributed to the growing anger amongst them.

  2. rummuser says:

    The bane of all peoples everywhere is it not? This is called the crab mentality. If you put a whole lot of crabs in a big basket, everytime one tries to get out, others will pull it down back into the basket! It is sad, but what a pity.

    1. Lorna says:

      So true.

  3. Michael says:

    Wow, that is really horrible. I can’t believe they would take the words of a 6 year old in a letter and imprison him for it. I hope America never gets this way, but we are starting to get close…

  4. I thought such stupidity only happened in India. We had a whistle blower’s letter land on his boss’s desk, resulting in his murder.

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  6. office space says:

    I can’t believe that actually happened. That won’t happen in my part of the world. Hell will open.

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