4 Sabahans selected for Akademi Fantasia 5 (2007)!

This has got to be the most Sabahans ever to be selected in Akademi Fantasia — if you’re considering Ekin of AF3 to be a Sabahan, get your geography right… even the people of Labuan don’t consider themselves as Sabahans, alright? I lived there during AF 3, I know. Our Sarawakian counterparts weren’t so lucky — only one guy was selected. In any case, let’s hope their quality is any better than AF3 (no offense to Velvet and Lotter of AF4, but Marsha and Felix were waaaayyyy better).

But wait, did I count right? 16 total participants, instead of the usual 12? It’s interesting enough that Astro decided to premier AF three months early. I’m guessing that Akademi Fantasia will run a bit longer than its usual 2-month period, which means that our mobile and phone bills will be suffering for a while longer, hah!

Grabbed from Sultan Muzaffar’s site, here are the Sabahans selected for this season — Candy, Kadazan-Dusun from Tambunan; Ebi, Malay from KK; Farha, Bajau from KK; and Noni, Sino-Malay from KK. Is it just me, or doesn’t Noni in the picture look a bit like the AF guest judge and One In A Million judge Syafinaz? Candy, in the meantime, reminds me of Nikki from Malaysian Idol, but I could be wrong ’cause I don’t watch Malaysian Idol much. Coincidentally, these two hails from the same hometown.

AF5, Candy from Sabah
AF5 participant Candy from Sabah
AF5, Ebi from Sabah
AF5 participant Ebi from Sabah
AF5, Farha from Sabah
AF5 participant Farha from Sabah
AF5, Noni from Sabah
AF5 participant Noni from Sabah


Malaysian Idol Season 1 - Nikki
Malaysian Idol Season 1 participant, Nikki
AF judge, Syafinaz Selamat

I’m gonna check with my little sister Laura later, and see if she knows any of them.

Trivia: My uncle’s niece is Marsha AF3, who is a cousin of Linda AF2. Rich AF3 is a former classmate of my sister Laura, and Velvet AF4 is my relative (his dad came by my mom’s batik shop in Tuaran during AF4 to buy some stuff… and to lobby for Velvet, indirectly of course, hahah!). You know, when you’re a Dusun living in Sabah, you have relatives everywhere.

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  1. bengodomon says:

    My interest in AF peaked with AF3. I watched very little of AF1 (I remembered Sahri crying for being booted out and that’s it) and probably even less AF4 (somehow it just didnt click to me, Lotter just was not in the same league as Linda/Felix and Faizal was even worse than Mawi: I cringed during his attempt to tackle Smells Like Teen Spirit). AF2 of course with Linda and AF3 with Felix were the highlights. I even became a Felix fanatic and attended 4 of his concerts in KK and even one dinner at Tang Dynasty. Those were the days πŸ™‚

    1. Lorna says:

      Hahah! AF3 sure was amazing! Coincidentally, I was in Shah Alam to register for my MSc in UiTM, and was hoping to catch the AF3 concert in the nearby stadium. But, Astro had to choose the same week to move it to Putrajaya! Thankfully, a classmate of mine managed to drop me off the Fed building and I ran the 2-km non-stop to the open concert. Gansad and (aiyah I forgot her name) were gracious enough to help out after that. Good times.

      1. gansad says:

        hi lorna! does that mean no more af5 concert for you?

  2. de^ROCK says:

    Hmm..if Marsha is Linda’s cousin then indirectly Marsha becomes my cousin also la. Haiya what a small world. I heard Felix grew up in Ranau. His father used to drive 1 of the JKR’s mechineries. Dunno la. Anyway personally I still prefer Velvet (uniques voice but lack of confidence..well she’s only 20 bah), Felix (strong voice and simple), Marsha (full package!!) and Linda (still not confident on stage). Lotter…hmmm…

    1. Lorna says:

      What is it with our fellow AF KaDus that gets them left out? Our fellow Bajaus are more lucky — let’s thank KRU for picking up Adam and made him what he is today (I tend to unintentionally forget him sometimes when referring to Sabahans in Akademi Fantasia, dunno why).

  3. gontua says:

    Hi there,
    Nikki and Candy are not related. Nikki’s village (her grandparent’s) and Candy’s are more than 10 km apart and very unlikely they know each other πŸ˜‰ .. but I could be wrong. My kampong is in between theirs but less than a quarter of my time spent there so.. I could be wrong.

    1. Lorna says:

      Don’t sell yourself short — you could be right πŸ˜€

  4. zan says:

    who say dat linda still not confident on stage…i dont think so….i really love her voice n i think she is perfect………..well know i want 2 see the new student of af………..i want hear their voice if their have different voice………..k thats all,,,,,……………………..

  5. Ben says:

    All sabahan contestant are good, but more outstanding is Felix and Adam. Wait and see the archivement of the Sabahan contestant in AF5

  6. Jipun SAN says:

    Sabahan AF talent—>
    Excellence : Felix, Adam, Marsha & Velvet.
    Good: Linda, Lotter, Yasser, Mas & Ekin
    Average: Rich & Nora
    Poor: Haider

  7. de^R0CK says:

    Excuse me…Haider >> Juara Prelude!!..luckily no prelude this year hehehe. But among ALL the Sabahan reality shows graduates…Nikki the best. She was unlucky coz MI1 was not shown live in Sabah. If not…sure juara.

  8. dk says:

    p.s: kalau taknak sakit hati, jangan baca,,

    labuan is not part of sabah? better think of it again? kalaulah labuan tu bukan part of sabah.. then p lah tambah satu telinga bintang lagi dibendera malaysia.. for those labuan’s that doesnt consider them as sabahan’s.. better get out of sabah(yeah labuan)haha very s****d n funny to say such thing.. why dont you check out the geogarphy again..oh yaa why not ”the truth about malaysia” of courselah labuan, k.l n putrajaya wilayah persekutuan.. tapi dont ever said that even labuan people dont consider them as sabahan.. kalau betul tinggal di putrajaya..memangla kita kata “i dari putrajaya, u?” atau i dari K.L, u?..n ofkoslah kalau labuan.. i dari labuan… puhhhhleasssssssssseee… what i said its true… well the truth always hurts…

    1. Lorna says:

      Buat apa mau tambah telinga bintang, kan Labuan part of Wilayah Persekutuan? Kau cuba la cakap, “saya ni dari Labuan, Sabah”, mmg kena ketawa orang.

  9. dk says:

    when someone is famous.. semuapun mau ngaku ada related.. SICK… berpijakla pada bumi yang nyata.. jangan pandang orang.. pandang diri sendiri… PEACE OUT>.

    1. Lorna says:

      Gitu lah, orang yang geram sebab TIDAK related sama orang lain memang terasa. Kesian.

      1. de^R0CK says:

        Betul tu Lorna…memang ko juga la. Klu suda jeles memang klu boleh dia ja betul. Si adam tu lebih pop ular yang si Linda or Marsha…nda pun sia akun related. Tapi klu memang sihat ndada sickness dan suruh berpijak di bumi nyata dan memang mau pikir ke arah itu…KITA SEMUA RELATED la…semua dari bumi ke bumi juga. Jadi tanah juga, roh pun pigi satu arah juga bah. So sapa yang sick? And I am looking at myself when I said it. Takan la mau buat pengakuan utk orang lain kan πŸ™‚ Apa-apa pun ..PEACE FOR PEACE

        1. cindy says:

          ZOMG de^ROCK!!!! Pandai juga kau ni baca blog. Meh! Long time no see bro πŸ˜€

          Itupun if you’re who I thought you are la. πŸ˜›

  10. cindy says:

    by the way…. i’m “related” to De^ROCK… does this means now I’m related to Linda? LOLOLOLOLOLOL! :mrgreen:

    just kidding bah.

  11. ariel says:

    it’s already half journey of af5 and i was so amazed by ebi n candy. they were so talented.Especially ebi,show a lot of progress both in vocal and performance.Still remember his performance,Kasihnya Laila….damn great.Rileksss…..Meaow….


  12. Taylor Hicks says:

    I personally found Adam to be quite less talented. Indeed it was surprising to see him in the final top 12. But look at the votes he got!! Definitely he has a big fan following among the young girls. DonÒ€ℒt take me wrong. But I just do not find him talented enough.

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