30-Day Blogging Challenge: okay, I’m in

I’ve given myself all sorts of excuses for not blogging more often. My favourite excuse is that I don’t have a mobile device good enough for me to use and blog in a mobile manner.

I had a netbook three years ago, which made blogging a little bit easier on the go, but I thought it was too bulky. Then, I had a Windows 7 phone, which wasn’t that bad, but I lamented that it wasn’t going to be as good an experience as using an Android phone.
Not long after, I finally owned an Android phone in the form of HTC Desire, and soon after, HTC Flyer.

Wow, I cannot overstate how DIFFICULT it is to blog on a smartphone, or even a tablet for that matter. Not in the way I’d like to, at least (the copy-pasting, featured images, attaching Flickr images, annoyingly incorrect spelling corrections, screenshots, those sort of things). I guess I have yet to get used to blogging on a smart mobile device.

So I was going to state that maybe HTC phones are not as good as Samsung phones, that it may have been easier if I was blogging using Samsung Galaxy Tab. But truthfully, I’m out of excuses, and it’s time I stop making anymore.

My regular postings in WebGrrrl.net shall resume now, with at least three posts a week. And what better way to kick-start my blogging groove than by doing a meme? (wait, did I not, once upon a time, swear that I wouldn’t do another meme, ever?)

With all these said, I am officially announcing the start of my 30-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 0.

Stay tuned for Day 1 later today.

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day 0: the 30 day blogger challenge explanation & description
day 1: introduction. recent picture of yourself. 15 interesting facts
day 2: meaning behind your blog name
day 3: your first love
day 4: your parents
day 5: a song to match your mood
day 6: a picture of something that makes you happy
day 7: favorite movies
day 8: a place you’ve traveled to
day 9: a picture of your best friend
day 10: something you’re afraid of
day 11: favorite tv shows
day 12: something you don’t leave the house without
day 13: goals
day 14: a picture of you last year. how have you changed?
day 15: bible verse
day 16: dream house
day 17: something you’re looking forward to
day 18: favorite place to eat
day 19: something you miss
day 20: nicknames
day 21: favorite picture of yourself of ALL TIME. and why?
day 22: what’s in your purse?
day 23: favorite movie
day 24: something you’ve learned
day 25: put your ipod on shuffle, first 10 songs
day 26: your dream wedding
day 27: original photo of the city you live in
day 28: something that stresses you out
day 29: three wishes
day 30: a picture of yourself this day and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge

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