30-Day Blogging Challenge Day 22: What’s in my purse?

A purse?

A purse wouldn’t be enough to carry all the junk I need with me.

I use a handbag instead, so that I can stuff anything and everything I can whenever I need to.

The standard content of my handbag would be my money pouch cum key holder which holds my car and home keys, two USB phone chargers, my HTC Desire HD phone, my dual SIM Nokia 200 Blackberry-lookalike phone, earphones, a notepad, a pen, and lastly a makeup pouch filled with lip stick, lip balm, compact powder, eye cream, eye liner, and brow liner.

Cr@p in my handbag

It’s big enough for me to slip my Acer One netbook along with its charger.

Sometimes I would stuff it with my kids’ favourite snacks, my baby’s milk bottle, baby wipes, their socks and shoes….

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Posted on 26 May, 2012 under Life in reality