30-Day Blogging Challenge Day 16: Dream house

I dream of having two houses — one huge and one small. I’m strangely greedy this way.

One would be a multi-million bungalow, ideally situated at the prime locality of d’Banyan Residency @ Sutera. This house comes hand in hand with my long-term objective of earning RM10 million a year within the next five years. The view at d’Banyan is absolutely breath-taking. Imagine basking in the gorgeous Kota Kinabalu sunset right in your pristinely-kept backyard while watching luxury yatches float by. And by nightfall, the soft lights of the seaside cafes reflecting on the sea waters blinks as you enjoy an intimate candle-lit dinner at your poolside. Yeah, that is the life.

The minimalist in me wish to have a no-frill, cozy little home. I already have a place in mind — a piece of land I own in Tuaran. It should look something like the one on the left.

One common characteristic both homes should share —  a high-speed Internet connection with sophisticated central control mechanism where I can do certain actions as remotely as I want. I did countless sketches of my ideal home when I was little. Interestingly, ALL of these sketches would include some sort of computer (unheard of at that time), a microwave (more like the food replicator in Star Trek, but I’ve never heard of Star Trek at that time), and machines that would self-clean my home without me having to do anything. That was pretty advanced for a 7-year old kid who hasn’t been exposed with computers back in the early 80?s.

Oh, I forgot. I also added a machine that produces limitless amounts of money.

Did I mention how greedy I am?

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Posted on 20 May, 2012 under Life in reality