30-Day Blogging Challenge Day 1: Introduction, recent picture of myself, 15 interesting facts

I’m Lorna Timbah, also known online by the handle WebGrrrl (and stylized as such). Mother, blogger, web programmer.

South Korea 2012 Day 1: Lunch

15 so-this-isn’t-really-interesting-but-still-are facts about myself:

1. I abhorr boiled eggs. Had it shoved in my mouth by my late dad when I was about 8 years old because I didn’t like the taste of the yolk. Hated it more after the incident. I love eating eggs in every fried form, though. With the yolk.

2. I’m tested INTJ using the Keirsey temperament sorter 6 times out of 10. The other four were ENTJ, INTP, and ISTP twice.

3. I dislike cats. Started to get an allergic reaction to them while I was in boarding school and took in a stray. Therefore I made myself dislike cats ever since. Which was sad because it always reminded me of my own pet cat I used to have when I was 10. Our family had to move to another town and left our cat in the care of our relatives. About 6 months after, we went back (we still had our house there) and when the cat saw me, she ran towards me like she hadn’t seen me for ever. I spent our time cuddled with her on the chair or bed every chance we got. When school holidays were over a month after, we went back to our new town. When I returned for the next school holidays, she didn’t appear. I never saw my cat again, and never owned a pet since.

4. Favourite food: sweet and sour fried anything.

5. Favourite drink: watermelon juice.

6. Favourite fruit: bananas.

7. I’m a horribly casual dresser, and have no sense of style. I just go with my own style, which is the only style that matters.

8. I have a perpetual scowl on my face, which I’ve never realized until last year. I had never understood why all these while my mom has introduced me to her friends as “the one with the scowl.” It seems that many people tested as INTJ have this expression on their faces. It has freaked people out in the past. Even my in-laws asked my better half once if I hated them, because I seem to always look angry when they were around. Oh god. I can laugh about it now, but back then… Urgh, I was perplexed, and that was an understatement.

9. The scowl comes with an intense stare, which is supposedly another feature of INTJ personality. I also only found out about this recently. Together with my scowl, I had to consciously control my stare. In a natural state, I would always have this stare when I’m in deep thought about something. You know that thing you do when you look up or at a certain direction and stare into space? I do that a lot, and I recently noticed that it unsettled a lot of people. Honestly, I didn’t realize it at first, but when I do snap out of my thoughts, I noticed people’s expression turned to, “what? Did I do something wrong? Why are you angry at me?” Others, who are a little less sensitive to intense stares, like my boss, would turn his head in surprise to the direction I was looking at, wondering what the heck it was I saw that fascinated me, when in fact it was just my blank stare.

10. Did I mention how darn difficult I find blogging with a mobile device is?

11. I don’t check my emails as frequently as I would like to.

12. My form of R&R in my hectic daily life is an hour by myself drinking tea in my favourite cafe while I blog.

13. I hate the fact that just because I’m a quick learner, people think that I can do everything (which, okay I’ll admit I probably can) and then dump EVERYTHING on me hoping I can finish their work. That’s what’s been happening to me these past few years. My no’s have become more frequent lately.

14. I feel most insulted when people think I don’t have anything better to do than to finish their work for them.

15. I have edited this post 17 times because I am that fickle about grammar and spelling errors and that the spell-check on my phone is hopelessly slow and stupid.

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Posted on 6 May, 2012 under Life in reality