2 great sites to get free music… I’m hooked

Updated 20 Oct 2020: All links to the sites mentioned here have been removed. Spotify is where it’s at for free music.

I admit that I’m so far off when it comes to social networking sites — I just can’t keep up. So you can’t imagine how crazy I went when, while in my mood to listen to David Foster’s songs, I searched and found a site that’s not only a social networking site, but also a music sharing portal!

imeem logo
Imeem (defunct)! (I can already hear the guffaws coming out of most of you)

If you haven’t heard of the site, though, then I sympathize with you and understand your plight.

Anyways, the site is filled with all sorts of music you can imagine. You build your playlists from the assortment of songs already in there, then share it out with others in your network. The streamed songs are amazingly fast, and extra options such as linking to your Twitter status makes Imeem fun to use.

But if you just want to download some MP3s, MP3Raid.com (link removed 19 Oct 2020, site down) is the place to go. You have the option to purchase and download full albums for darn cheap prices, going for as low as 90 US cents per album. I think that’s an awesome deal. They even accept PayPal, which is very convenient for me and I’m sure is for you, too.

Do you have any free music sites that you know and would like to share with me (the legal ones of course)?

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  1. ben says:


    popoknet.blogspot.com if you are into old Malay/Indon stuff – they have many many rare stuff there.

  2. Always seeking for free music sites, i got one site called cooltoad.com hope you like it.

  3. I recommend you check out Lala.com – every new album, you can play through and choose 25 tracks to save to your account.

  4. Josh Patel says:

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  5. cindy.. says:

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