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Hi. I'm Lorna Timbah.

Mobile Web Developer, Tech Community Builder, Startup Evangelist, Blogger

What do I do? Build communities.
How do I build wealth? Through training, consultation, startups, apps and websites.
I work on what I love.
I'm a certified Microsoft expert, a Google Mobile Site expert, and a WordPress plugin developer and general translator at WordPress.org. Check out my blog and social media pages to see what I've been up to.

Latest Posts

Website redesign and content strategy: WebGrrrl.net 3.1

I spent the whole of yesterday to focus on website redesign. It’s just a minor tweak here and there. Two bug fixes in the form of 1) realigning my comments section, and 2) restyling my pagination. I didn’t deal with these two when I worked on WebGrrrl.net 3.0 two years ago. I like using built-in […]

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Moving on from Steem blockchain to Hive

I didn’t realise Steem and Hive blockchains have cause such drama this year. I’m a bigger fan of blogging than I am cryptocurrencies. In particular, there more important things to do in real life, like dealing with the economic implications of COVID-19. As a result I didn’t even realise that Steem has hard-forked as Hive, […]

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How tech-savvy K-pop group NCT is winning the COVID-19 economy: thoughts on cultural technology

Do you know that “cultural technology” is a term coined by South Korea to promote K-pop? Before we go any further, let me introduce the newly-released ballad by NCT U called “From Home”. This song features lyrics in English, Korean, Mandarin and Japanese. Not only that, but this song highlights the members’ vocal prowess, which […]

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Google check

Teaching Google AdSense income annoys me

I’ll be forward and admit that 1) I enjoy earning passively using Google AdSense income, and 2) I hate teaching people how to earn income through Google AdSense. Frequent visitors of my website might notice that I talk about my AdSense journey from time to time. I don’t speak of it much nowadays, since it’s […]

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My Grassroots Community Projects

GDG logo

Google Developer Group
Community Manager

GDG is an open and independent group where developers become better developers, by exploring and building services using Google technologies.

WTM logo

Women Techmakers
Community Lead

WTM aims to increase women's visibility and participation in technical events via tech-based and technical know-how that enhances problem-solving skills.

SW logo

Startup Weekend
Lead Organiser

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend event where anyone from technical, creative, to business groups gather and learn how to turn their ideas into reality.

CoderDojo logo

Lead Organiser

CoderDojo is an open source, volunteer led community orientated around running free non-profit coding clubs for young people ages 7 to 17 years old.