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Hi. I'm Lorna Timbah.

Technologist, Mobile Web Developer, Author, Tech Trainer.

I work on what I love.
I'm a certified Microsoft expert, a Google Mobile Site expert, and a WordPress plugin developer and general translator at WordPress.org. Check out my blog and social media pages to see what I've been up to.

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Goodbye, my beloved Custom CSS

Justin Tadlock over at WP Tavern recently posted a few updates on the changes to the Customizer in the upcoming WordPress 5.9 update. What caught my attention was this: A custom CSS solution in core WordPress is unlikely to be reimplemented in the site editor. The global styles panel and per-block design options are the […]

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I asked ChatGPT to summarize WebGrrrl.net

“The author provides a wealth of information and insights, based on her personal experiences and research.” ??

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Musings coz it’s 2023

It’s a few days after Lunar New Year, so this can count as a new year’s post, can’t it? ? I’m back to being a reformed former freelancer. It’s bizarrely funny how I’m not posting away and gushing at how amazing working at Automattic has been. Because, indeed, it has been an amazing experience so […]

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Musings on my Web development v.2022

The last time I rambled about my web development journey was almost six years ago. And so, I see it fit for me to reflect on my current web development skill change — if any — and progress since then. (If I’m being honest, my recent effort to update my resume and portfolio actually triggered […]

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